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ARTS/CULTURE: Debating Spotify vs Apple Music

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by Madison Storm, Jillian Smith–

Millions stream music daily, and the preferences of music platforms are seemingly never ending. Two streaming services have continually held high ratings over time– Spotify and Apple Music. The question remains though, which is best?

Each platform offers similar plans in regard to pricing, with options set to best meet user needs. Many of the differences come to light when comparing access to music, new music discovery, and options for things outside of music like podcasts.

In this edition of the Arts and Culture podcast, The News Feed’s Madison Storm and Jillian Smith debate which streaming platform they think is best and why.

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INTERNATIONAL: World response to U.S. Presidential Election

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by Madison Storm, Reid Campbell–

With the close of the 2020 election, Joe Biden has been named the 46th President of the United States. Reactions to this news have been seen across the globe, with several international leaders offering their thoughts on the future that’s possible with Biden in the White House. Majority of these comments were positive and also offered congratulations to Kamala Harris for being the first female, first black, and first Asian American to be elected as Vice President. 

Several international observers also commented on the disorderly conduct of current President Donald Trump. Criticisms over doubt cast on mail-in ballots, discriminatory statements, and falsely declaring victory were just a few of the opinions expressed.

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SPORTS: NFL’s Sexual Assault Problems

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by Reid Campbell, Emily Carter–

Yet again the NFL is finding itself in a controversy surrounding its handling of sexual assault cases. Antonio Brown, a star wide receiver and former New England Patriots players has been allowed back in the league despite numerous allegation of rape and an ongoing civil lawsuit filed against him for sexual assault.

This is not the first time this has happened in the National Football League. Numerous players in the past have been accused of similar crimes, and have only been given suspensions from a handful of games, not forced out of seasons or outright banned from the league like many have called for.

The NFL has created programs in the past to change how people view the leagues handling of these situations, like a series of PSAs from 2014. In this podcast Reid Campbell and Emily Carter discuss the Brown case, prior issues in the league, and the failures of the NFL

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SCI/TECH: Apple iOS Obsolescence Theory

by Jillian Smith and Emily Carter–

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Planned Obsolescence is the theory that companies intentionally design products that they know will become obsolete after a short period of time. The theory states that this strategy is used to cause consumers to continue to buy new products and devices as older ones slow down or eventually stop working at all. Because Apple has recently released a new software update, iOS14, many people have already begun to speculate how this update will impact older devices.

In this science/technology podcast, Emily and Jillian discuss the ways that Apple has addressed these claims and made efforts to debunk this theory, as well as personal experiences that they have had with Apple products and their own opinions on the theory.

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LIFE/STYLE: Campus ministry life during COVID

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by Jillian Smith, Sarah Wormald–

Virginia Tech’s campus ministries look drastically different amidst Coronavirus complications. For example, Cru, a Christian campus ministry would usually have a large group service in Squires’ Colonial Hall every Thursday night. However, under the current circumstances, Cru is continuing their large group service online, encouraging students to have safe watch parties together.

Another ministry, Baptist Collegiate Ministries (BCM) is meeting in person on Tuesday nights for a socially-distanced, reduced capacity and masked service, similar to how some other ministries and churches in the area are operating.

There are elements of uncertainty when it comes to places and groups of worship during coronavirus, and those who find community in these groups will continue to adapt.

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“To Vote and What To Vote?” That is the Question. – A Checks and Balances Podcast

As incredible as the news has been over the past few months, everybody is looking forward for something to change. One of the most important ways that we as citizens can enact change is by voting in the upcoming election. So, in this podcast, we talk about some of the lesser known subjects that you
will be voting on the coming election, as well as some relevant information on your rights and safety as a voter. Specifically, state constitutional amendments that will be on the ballot, and their effects. After that, we briefly talk about what is and is not allowed at polling locations to ensure the safety and comfort of everyone performing their civic duty. For more details on these topics, please feel free to browse the links below.

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Arts and Culture – How Local Venues Are Adapting To The Pandemic

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With the COVID-19 pandemic, many places around the country have had to adapt, especially places such as museums, art galleries, and movie theaters. Here in the New River Valley, local venues are taking extra precautions, as well as creating unique experiences for locals to enjoy, while keeping in line with regulations. The News Feed’s Davis Mears, Jessica Mardian, and Kelly O’Regan report on some of the experiences happening right now around the New River Valley.

The News Feed · TheNewsFeed Art & Culture Podcast – How Local Venues Are Adapting To The Pandemic

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POLITICS: Polls, debates, and Trump contracting the coronavirus

by Tahreem Alam, Sarah Wormald–

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President Trump contracted the coronavirus on October 2, 2020 while simultaneously campaigning for his 2020 Presidential re-election race. His coronavirus-handling approval rates are decreasing as U.S. citizens enter the eighth month into the pandemic, which can have serious consequences for his campaign in key swing states.

In addition, Former Vice President and President Trump recently could not reconcile on a method for debating in the second presidential debates in Miami, resulting in the second debate’s cancellation. Although public opinion polls do not decide the winner of the debates nor the actual election, what does a debate cancellation mean for citizens who expected to watch the two most popular candidates engage with meaningful questions?

Finally, what does Trump’s behavior and attitude around the virus, and then suddenly contracting and spreading it in the White House mean for his image in relation to national public health?

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SCI/TECH: New Apple updates, what to expect

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by Madison Storm, Kai Young–

Apple released their latest software update recently and users are already enjoying the new features. iOS 14 was rumored for several months before it’s actual release date which was re-scheduled multiple times due to COVID-19 related issues. This update is said to give users to ability to customize their device more than ever before. However, correction updates have already started being released to fix issues many are experiencing.

We also discussed new technology Apple users can be expecting to be released later this year including the rumored iPhone 12, a new watch, and iPads. Apple has also been working on Bluetooth connection devices and at home devices similar to the Amazon echo. It’s unclear the effect COVID-19 will have on the release of these new products. Check out this weeks podcast to hear more.

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Academic and Social Life During COVID

During the COVID pandemic, students have been struggling to find new ways to balance their academic and social life. In this podcast Jasmine Ayazi, Jacqui Beasley, and Rachel Gaylord talk about strategies to balance both academics and social time. They also discuss ways to safely have a social life.

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