INTERNATIONAL: Borders opening

by Camden Osborne, McKenzie Roberts–

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Traveling internationally has been made possible again for tourists all over the world. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic there was a halt in traveling and many borders shut down to prevent the spread. Many countries are now making it possible for tourists to visit different countries by following certain guidelines. 

In this edition of the International podcast, Camden Osborne and McKenzie Roberts discuss what this means for countries opening up their doors again. They also take a closer look at different requirements to be eligible to travel inside of borders. They also touch on Israel, Australia and United States borders being opened and how that will impact the economy.

POLITICS: Impact of recent state elections

By Kamryn Buza, Jonas Buckberg–

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On Nov. 2, there were many state and local elections held throughout the country. One of the key elections for this term was the Virginia gubernatorial election which saw Republican newcomer Glen Youngkin beat Democrat Terry McAuliffe, who was running for a second term as governor. Youngkin became the state’s first Republican governor since 2009. Besides Virginia, New Jersey re-elected its governor, Democrat Phill Murphy. Virginia was viewed by many as the most important election due to its high implications.

In this podcast, we discuss Youngkin’s plans as governor. We also discuss what these elections mean for the future and what may change within these newly run states.

SPORTS: “March Madness” branding to include women

by Camden Osborne and Kalley Sullivan–

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After social media exposed the disparities between the men’s and women’s post-season college basketball tournaments, the NCAA responded to these gender inequities recently announcing that the “March Madness” logo, terminology, and branding historically used for the men’s tournament will now be used for the women’s tournament as well.

In this edition of The News Feed’s Sports Podcast, we take a look at this step In this edition of The News Feed’s Sports Podcast, we take a look at this step towards a more gender-equal playing field in the world of sports and what this could mean for the future of female athletes. We will discuss the effectiveness of this NCAA decision in regard to the public’s perception of women’s basketball and, more broadly, sports, as well as what further changes this could ignite moving forward.

LIFE/STYLE: Netflix’s “Squid Games” impact

by Rory Ailor, Jonas Buckberg–

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Netflix released “Squid Games” and it grossed over 111 million viewers in it’s first 2 weeks. This makes the premiere the largest in Netflix’s history, and it is only growing. The show highlights many aspects of society, including the wealth gap and class system, as well as testing how far the human will go for money. The Korean-based thriller was made with many up-and-coming actors, as it was a breakthrough season for many of the main characters.

On this podcast, Rory and Jonas discuss how ‘Squid Games’ is affecting society’s way of thinking about money and greed, as there have been many people playing these games in real life for money, just without a lot of the violence being re-created. They also discuss how the show is causing concerns for many parents, as it is displayed as the show is based on children’s games, but it has a lot of violence and gore.

ARTS/CULTURE: Broadway intermission is over

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by Camden Osborne and Jonas Buckburg–

During the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, Broadway theaters were forced to close their doors in March of 2020, leaving patrons without their beloved entertainment and many in the industry unemployed. After more than a year of darkness, Broadway reopened at full capacity in September of 2021 but not without some making up to do.

The economic toll Broadway’s closure had on the industry, as well as the broader New York City, was, as one might say, showstopping. Many local shops and restaurants in the arts district struggled to stay open due to the lack of tourists. In this edition of The News Feed’s Arts and Culture podcast, we discuss what is required by fans to attend a show, the financial impacts the industry takes and makes, and how the pandemic has changed the live performance landscape – maybe forever.  

SPORTS: Deshaun Watson allegations


by Rory Ailor and McKenzie Roberts–

On this edition of the Sports podcast for The News Feed, Rory Ailor and McKenzie Roberts discuss the aftermath of allegations made toward Deshaun Watson. Watson is a 26-year-old Houston Texans football player, who has been accused of being a sexual assailant for many women. According to The Clemson Insider Watson has lost a lot of his sponsorships due to these accusations, not to mention the support lost by fans. Watson’s Nike sponsorship became suspended, Reliant Energy removed him as a brand ambassador, and Beats by Dr. Dre terminated his contract. 

The sport that brought him much success has been put to a halt. According to Larry Brown Sports, he is still a member of the Houston Texans team but has not played for the past few games. Throughout this podcast Rory Ailor and Mckenzie Roberts discuss what Deshaun Watson’s future might entail. 

SCI/TECH: What’s next for civilian space travel?

by Kamryn Buza and Kalley Sullivan

Astronauts of Inspiration4 flying aboard SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft land in the Atlantic Ocean. COURTESY OF SPACEX/INSPIRATION4

Elon Musk’s SpaceX launched its first civilian flight on the Inspiration 4. A big question that remains is what does this mean for the future of tourist travel in space and what are the implications of it for Earth. 

The Inspiration 4 mission cost just under $200 million dollars with 5 more SpaceX tourist flights already planned for the upcoming months and years. Other companies such as Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin are also working on plans to take civilians to space. 

John Harris from The Guardian leaves us with the question, is space now a playground for the rich?