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SPORTS: NFL’s Sexual Assault Problems

Photo by ljv on / CC BY-ND

by Reid Campbell, Emily Carter–

Yet again the NFL is finding itself in a controversy surrounding its handling of sexual assault cases. Antonio Brown, a star wide receiver and former New England Patriots players has been allowed back in the league despite numerous allegation of rape and an ongoing civil lawsuit filed against him for sexual assault.

This is not the first time this has happened in the National Football League. Numerous players in the past have been accused of similar crimes, and have only been given suspensions from a handful of games, not forced out of seasons or outright banned from the league like many have called for.

The NFL has created programs in the past to change how people view the leagues handling of these situations, like a series of PSAs from 2014. In this podcast Reid Campbell and Emily Carter discuss the Brown case, prior issues in the league, and the failures of the NFL

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Sports and Safety

Club sports at Virginia Tech look different this year due to COVID restrictions put in place by the school. Although most sports are able to hold tryouts and regular practices, their competition schedules are more limited. In addition to uncertain and unplanned seasons, each club must go through safety precautions, like mask usage, temperature checks, and social distancing before using Virginia tech facilities. They must also access and complete the health questionnaire on the HokieReady app in order to enter the facility.

“This year, obviously, we’re wearing masks. That’s a big change. We also have to make sure that we’re keeping our distance. If we want to get water, we all have to stay spread apart at least ten feet apart if we want to get a sip of water,” said Raya Mufti, women’s club volleyball officer.

Virginia tech created a bubble called the field house where club sports like volleyball, basketball and MMA club could continue their daily practices and tournaments. The field house is equipped with temperature screening machines and a check in table with staff who enforce the rules for all guests and players. 

“So far, the bubble’s been awesome. We got to come out here and every day it’s been really nice and really clean. They’re checking our temperatures and scanning us in so it’s really safe. It’s really nice courts too, not much different than War Memorial. I actually like it more than War Memorial because the floors aren’t concrete, but overall it’s been really nice for everyone,” said Matthew Lewandowski, men’s club volleyball member.

Neither club volleyball nor club basketball will be able to compete against other schools this season yet baseball and softball are hopeful for the spring. Reporting for the Newsfeed, I’m Jasmine Ayazi.

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SPORTS: Virginia Tech DB Devon Hunter Suspended Indefinitely

The News Feed · The News Feed Podcast: Virginia Tech DB Devon Hunter Suspended Indefinitely

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VT Rec Sports COVID-19 Response

Virginia Tech and it’s teams are making constant efforts to and provide guidelines, assistance, and information to its students faculty and staff so to create a safe university environment.

With daily updates on it’s COVID-19 dashboard, as well as new procedural, testing, classroom, and dormitory rules, there has been no shortage of information from the school.

The Recreational Sports Department, which is in charge of virtually all organized recreational sporting and personal health facilities and activities on campus, has been effected massively by these changes, and has shaken up by these perpetual changes.

“A lot of our communication has started with or had the words ‘at this time” says Will Trent, the Marketing Manager for VT Rec Sports. “We are nimble, we are open to scaling back on policies as they are scaled back by our university and Governor Northam, and we are open to change as we are able to.”

Since a test pilot held in the summer with the few students living on campus, rec sports has implemented many new guidelines for its users; both indoor and out.

In Mccomas hall, there is a scheduling system to sign up for timed workout slots, fever testing, the use of the Hokie Ready app, as well as redesigned and spread out exercise machines and areas.

“Now that they’ve moved to the fully appointment only, I think it’s a lot better, and it’s a lot more spaced out in there [Mccomas Hall]. And I think, even post COVID-19, I think I’d like for them to keep it this way so it’s not packed.” said Mohammed Hussein, a sophomore at Virginia Tech.

As for outdoor activities, the recreational field and tent are free for students use with masks from dawn to dusk. However, traditional team sport intramurals have been cancelled. Alternatives have been put in place including skills challenges, badminton, pickle ball, e-sports tournaments, and much more.

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SPORTS: Covid-19’s financial impact on NCAA

Football Field“Football Field” by danxoneil

by Evan McNally, Sarah Wormald–

Coronavirus cancellations and complications have led to an immense financial deficit in college sports programs across the nation. The NCAA lost $375 million as a result of the cancellation of March Madness in the spring.

If football is cancelled during the fall 2020 season, it is estimated that college football programs will lose $4 billion in revenue. The impact of this loss trickles down to other sports, and some schools have cut non-revenue sports to compensate. 

Virginia Tech is also anticipating formidable challenges to their revenue streams, mainly those including support from the ACC, ticket sales, and sponsorships. Over 50% of Virginia Tech’s athletic revenue during 2019 came from football.

Additionally, Virginia Tech football serves as a massive economic stimulus for the town of Blacksburg, with a potential $70 million to be lost if football is cancelled. College sports will continue to adapt in response to Covid-19 in the upcoming months.

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Locking Down the (Tail)Gates

Earlier this month, it was announced that Virginia Tech and the Town of Blacksburg have prohibited tailgating ahead of sports events for this school year.

While many were saddened by the news, the town council and Virginia Tech felt that this was the best option to ensure that COVID-19 does not continue to spread unabated.

“What we’re really focusing on with these regulations, whether it’s the ban on tailgating, or limiting groups of people, or closing bars at midnight, is to prevent people from gathering in groups so that we can keep coronavirus under control,” said Vice Mayor of Blacksburg, Michael Sutphin.

Of course, some of the most disheartened about the prohibition of tailgating has been the Virginia Tech students, to whom tailgating is a serious tradition. Despite being disheartened, however, they do understand the importance of the decision.

“I mean, like, I’m pretty upset about it, personally. Like, I thought I would be able to make a lot of friends, and, you know, have fun with my friends, as well. But, I mean, just to play it safe, obviously, it’s the best the situation has to offer,” said Freshman Mario Gonzalez.

In lieu of traditional tailgating, fans have instead been asked to “homegate,” so that they can still enjoy themselves while also keeping themselves and other Hokie fans safe.

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Where do sports go from here?

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By Kayleigh Toney and Sean Torney

COVID-19 has changed many aspects of our normal life including sports. It’s unclear when sports might make their comeback or if sports and sporting events will ever go back to normal. It could be a long time before we see fans allowed back in the stands. Until a vaccine is available there isn’t much confidence in a large gathering like a sporting event happening. There are many options and possibilities as to how sports can come back with all leagues attempting to find a solution. In this podcast, we discuss what we think might happen in the world of sports.

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SPORTS: MLB’s plan to start 2020 season


Teams and fans stand for the National Anthem prior to a game.                                         Photo by U.S. Pacific Fleet on / CC BY-NC

by Dan Demski, Andrew Webb–

Due to Covid-19, the Major League Baseball season has been delayed. Opening day of the 2020 season was set for March 26 but because of health concerns for players, coaches and fans, the season was unable to start then.

In this podcast, we discuss a new plan by Major League Baseball to bring baseball back in the coming weeks. According to a CBS Sports article, The plan includes having three different sites where all games to be played. The sites would be professional and minor league facilities in Arizona, Texas and Florida. This would require all the divisions to be changed for the 2020 season. There are currently no set plans as far as a timetable for return.

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SPORTS: What to watch without live action

New Instagram Photo
Photo by Werner’s World on / CC BY-NC-SA

by Lilly Savin and Troy Clark —

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many sports have been forced to shut down operations until the disease subsides. Without the usual run of live programming available to stations such as ESPN, broadcasters have taken to some unusual, highly unique “sports” to fill the airwaves. You can catch marble runs, virtual car racing, and some other wacky events on all of the usual sports networks.

Indeed the sports media and event market is a large one in the United States, so filling this gap will be a challenge for even the most interesting of these new “sports.” It remains to be seen whether further cancellations will occur, which will present a greater challenge moving into the future.

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2020 Blacksburg Classic

BLACKSBURG, Va. – The 2020 Blacksburg Classic took place on Sunday afternoon at Margaret Beeks Elementary School. The 35th annual race had a one-mile fun run, a 5K and a 10-mile run. Runners were treated with a medal and snacks after the race.

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