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A different freshman experience

Mandatory masks, social distancing, and limited gatherings are the standard nowadays due to the coronavirus pandemic. For freshmen at Virginia Tech hoping to get the full college experience, these restrictions have made things more challenging.

Freshman Colin Roberts: “I’m still trying to get more involved, I’m still trying to join some more clubs, so i’ll see if I can do
that still.”

With nearly all club meetings taking place online due to the restriction on
major gatherings, students have found it harder to join social clubs over zoom but have found ways to socialize outside of these clubs.

Freshman Minahil Malik: “Gobblerfest online wasn’t hard to manage and getting emails through engineering stuff for clubs makes it pretty easy as well.”

As for the social scene that many come to college to experience, on campus
activities and good weather have helped some freshmen make connections even with these guidelines in place.

Freshman Colin Roberts: “Walking around campus, going to the drillfield at night, skating around, you have people come up to you and say hi, you can go up to people and say hi, spark a small conversation and get snapchats or something. I wouldn’t say it’s too difficult for me personally, but I can definitely understand it’s more difficult for other people who don’t step out as much.”

As for others, however, the social scene hasn’t been what they expected when starting their freshman year at virginia tech.

Freshman Minahil Malik: “I think because of covid, it took away a lot of things I was looking forward to for freshman year. Just meeting a lot more people in general and hanging out with people and stuff like that, that’s
what I expected but obviously coronavirus.”

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The News Feed for September 15, 2020

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Title IX enact new regulations

New regulations have been implemented by Title IX at Virginia Tech. Due to the changes in the board of education, Title IX has adjusted the way that they handle cases of sexual assault that occur off campus and add restriction to what cases they can or can not respond to.

“What the department of education did is they gave us a new definition of what sexual harassment means under Title IX and they also gave us a new geographic jurisdiction of what cases will fall under Title IX,” said Polidoro.

In order to receive federal funding so that students can receive financial aid, Title IX are required by law to follow these rules.

“There are things that as a University we need to be in compliance with,” said Polidoro.

These new regulations will make the way in which Title IX responds to off campus sexual harassment and assault more limiting than Title IX’s previous regulations. In past semesters, Virginia Tech students have protested the ways in which Title IX has been handling cases of sexual assault.

These students have been sharing their stories about how Title IX treated them.

“I do not think they’re doing anything that they should be doing. All the people I talk to – there’s so much prevalence that Title IX doesn’t really care. They just want to get it done as quickly as they can even though they took up so much of my time,” said Bailey.

Students feel as though these new regulations were a big step backwards from what they were hoping to see change.

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Locking Down the (Tail)Gates

Earlier this month, it was announced that Virginia Tech and the Town of Blacksburg have prohibited tailgating ahead of sports events for this school year.

While many were saddened by the news, the town council and Virginia Tech felt that this was the best option to ensure that COVID-19 does not continue to spread unabated.

“What we’re really focusing on with these regulations, whether it’s the ban on tailgating, or limiting groups of people, or closing bars at midnight, is to prevent people from gathering in groups so that we can keep coronavirus under control,” said Vice Mayor of Blacksburg, Michael Sutphin.

Of course, some of the most disheartened about the prohibition of tailgating has been the Virginia Tech students, to whom tailgating is a serious tradition. Despite being disheartened, however, they do understand the importance of the decision.

“I mean, like, I’m pretty upset about it, personally. Like, I thought I would be able to make a lot of friends, and, you know, have fun with my friends, as well. But, I mean, just to play it safe, obviously, it’s the best the situation has to offer,” said Freshman Mario Gonzalez.

In lieu of traditional tailgating, fans have instead been asked to “homegate,” so that they can still enjoy themselves while also keeping themselves and other Hokie fans safe.

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2020 Blacksburg Classic

BLACKSBURG, Va. – The 2020 Blacksburg Classic took place on Sunday afternoon at Margaret Beeks Elementary School. The 35th annual race had a one-mile fun run, a 5K and a 10-mile run. Runners were treated with a medal and snacks after the race.

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