LIFE/STYLE: Spring is in the air, and it brought friends

Photo by Ramaz Bluashvili from Pexels

by Brandon Alimanestiano, Mason Gorelick–

Spring is finally back on the East coast and more importantly in Blacksburg, where residents are taking their lives back outside–masks on. Virginia Tech Students are taking back the Drillfield with the usual spring activities — showing up in the latest pandemic-inspired fashion trends. However, while students rejoice in the warmth, a looming annoyance is set to emerge.

On this Life/Style podcast episode, Brandon and Mason discuss some of the latest trends in mask fashion, and how creative they can become when using them as a style aid. Then, the two co-hosts take a turn and talk about the downside to the warmth: flying insects getting everywhere, and the impending doom of 17-year cicadas coming soon.

INTERNATIONAL: Seafood fraud

Photo by Skitterphoto from Pexels

by Brandon Alimanestiano, Evan Hughes-

For many seafood lovers, this edition may be quite disconcerting. According to studies and independent journalism from The Guardian, a larger than assumed proportion of seafood consumed worldwide is mislabeled – often inflated with similar, lesser value species. Some of these substitutions create a health concern among related officials.

On this International podcast episode, Brandon and Evan discuss some of the most concerning statistics from these reports; such as how approximately a third of all seafood consumed globally and in restaurants is a product of fraud. With health concerns considered, they try and figure out how this issue could be addressed.