INTERNATIONAL: Seafood fraud

Photo by Skitterphoto from Pexels

by Brandon Alimanestiano, Evan Hughes-

For many seafood lovers, this edition may be quite disconcerting. According to studies and independent journalism from The Guardian, a larger than assumed proportion of seafood consumed worldwide is mislabeled – often inflated with similar, lesser value species. Some of these substitutions create a health concern among related officials.

On this International podcast episode, Brandon and Evan discuss some of the most concerning statistics from these reports; such as how approximately a third of all seafood consumed globally and in restaurants is a product of fraud. With health concerns considered, they try and figure out how this issue could be addressed.

SPORTS: Interesting solutions for lack of fans in stadiums

Photo by Bahram Jamalov on

by Brandon Alimanestiano, Abass Alzanjne–

As sports come and go during the Covid-19 pandemic with various safety measures in place, many venues remain mostly empty. While the NFL and several other leagues entertained socially distant guests at some stadiums, they also had equally unique ways of dealing with the lack of a cheering crowd — including a fake cheering crowd.

In this edition of the Newsfeed podcast, Abass and Brandon talk about some of the strange things they have seen while watching games. They range from video conferenced fans on screen in the stadium to artificial crowd noise and cardboard cutouts. They discuss whether the “home team advantage” is no more during the pandemic and how it negatively affects both players and fans, in addition to the sports venue economy as a whole.