POLITICS: How does Trump’s ‘reopening plan’ contradict state governors?

Capitol Dome at Sunset
Photo by John Brighenti on Foter.com / CC BY

by RJ Garza, Hannah Brown–

President Donald Trump has proposed a three-phase plan to reopening the nation following the COVID-19 pandemic. The guidelines for Trump’s plan give the authority to state governors to decide when it’s safe to reopen businesses despite his earlier comments of having “total authority” over the state government’s decisions.

The new plan will allow states to raise restrictions by May 1, which is when the federal government guidelines are projected to end. However, states that currently have an overwhelming amount of cases will likely plan to keep restrictions in place for a couple more weeks. State governors across the nation are working together to determine the best time to reopen businesses. States like California and New Jersey don’t currently have an end date for their stay-at-home orders and warn that some restrictions may extend until summer.

Among disagreements between the state and federal government, there have also been protests erupting around the nation against the shelter-in-place orders. Kentucky, Ohio, and New York are some of the states that have had protests pop up during the past week. Trump has defended these protestors while state governors continue to claim the federal government isn’t doing enough to help.

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