SCI/TECH: COVID-19, tracking apps, and privacy


by Drew Jones and Celia Holubar–

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The COVID-19 pandemic has required all hands on deck. A large group of technologists and executives have called on top technology companies in an open letter to help in the fight against COVID-19. A part of the letter singled out top companies such as Apple and Google to use their extensive knowledge to create a contact tracing app for the United States, similar to ones that have been used in other countries. 

The idea may have stemmed from a Home Quarantine app created in Poland. The app sends a random alert to your mobile phone and you have 20 minutes to respond with a selfie in your designated quarantine location or the police will pay you a visit and fines will be given. With this, it brings many ethical issues in terms of privacy and security on the internet and it begs the question; How much should we compromise our privacy for the fight against COVID-19?

In this podcast, we discuss the issues of privacy vs. security and some other crazy ways the government could know who is COVID-19 positive without their consent.

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