LIFE/STYLE: How to eat like an Olympian

by Matt Scopa, Gavin Linden–

Olympic athletes train vigorously to compete in their respective sports but training is only half of what it takes to remain in peak athletic shape. To reach the height of Olympic excellence athletes must also focus on their diets.

Olympic dieting receives coverage whenever the Olympics roll around especially with competitors frequently appearing in ads for large food brands such as Subway and UberEats. This raises the question of what does an Olympic diet actually look like? What kind of foods? What kind of schedule? On this episode of the Newsfeed podcast, reporters Matt Scopa and Gavin Linden will try to shed some light on eating like an Olympian.

ARTS/CULTURE: Looking into Choi’s ‘The Shape of Distance’

by Sean Lyons, Jett Willingham–

Photo: Karolina Grabowska on Pexels

An art exhibition at the Moss Arts Center: “The Shape of Distance” features multiple paintings and sculptures by Namwon Choi. It features vivid blue colors, interesting shapes and abstract takes on real-life images.

In this podcast we discuss the content of the exhibit, Choi’s background in art, the colors featured in the exhibition and favorite pieces in the exhibition.

“The Shape of Distance” by Namwon Choi is available for viewing at the Moss Arts Center until March 26, 2022.

INTERNATIONAL: Borders opening

by Camden Osborne, McKenzie Roberts–

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Traveling internationally has been made possible again for tourists all over the world. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic there was a halt in traveling and many borders shut down to prevent the spread. Many countries are now making it possible for tourists to visit different countries by following certain guidelines. 

In this edition of the International podcast, Camden Osborne and McKenzie Roberts discuss what this means for countries opening up their doors again. They also take a closer look at different requirements to be eligible to travel inside of borders. They also touch on Israel, Australia and United States borders being opened and how that will impact the economy.

POLITICS: Impact of recent state elections

By Kamryn Buza, Jonas Buckberg–

I Voted Sticker Lot
Photo by: Element5 Digital

On Nov. 2, there were many state and local elections held throughout the country. One of the key elections for this term was the Virginia gubernatorial election which saw Republican newcomer Glen Youngkin beat Democrat Terry McAuliffe, who was running for a second term as governor. Youngkin became the state’s first Republican governor since 2009. Besides Virginia, New Jersey re-elected its governor, Democrat Phill Murphy. Virginia was viewed by many as the most important election due to its high implications.

In this podcast, we discuss Youngkin’s plans as governor. We also discuss what these elections mean for the future and what may change within these newly run states.

SPORTS: “March Madness” branding to include women

by Camden Osborne and Kalley Sullivan–

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After social media exposed the disparities between the men’s and women’s post-season college basketball tournaments, the NCAA responded to these gender inequities recently announcing that the “March Madness” logo, terminology, and branding historically used for the men’s tournament will now be used for the women’s tournament as well.

In this edition of The News Feed’s Sports Podcast, we take a look at this step In this edition of The News Feed’s Sports Podcast, we take a look at this step towards a more gender-equal playing field in the world of sports and what this could mean for the future of female athletes. We will discuss the effectiveness of this NCAA decision in regard to the public’s perception of women’s basketball and, more broadly, sports, as well as what further changes this could ignite moving forward.