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Politics: Virginia sued over marriage license requirement

certificate of marriage

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by Denashia Dunnaville and Linda Kil

Three couples suing the Commonwealth of Virginia citing the state violated their First Amendment rights. One engaged couple attempted to get their marriage license when they were met with a form of over 200 shocking terms regarding race. The document included terms such as “Aryan”, “Quadroon”, and “Nubian”.

In this podcast, we discuss the details of this surprising case. The podcast will examine the history of the law requirement and delve into another historical case against the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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SPORTS: Equal pay for women in sports

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by Lizzy Street, Jessica Spiers, Charlotte Kuhn–

The United States Women’s Soccer team is suing the U.S. Soccer Federation because of the inequality of pay between them and their male counterparts on the U.S. Men’s team.

The women’s team (WNT) has a larger following, greater viewership and has won more titles than the men’s, yet still, their salaries are just a fraction of the men’s. Women on the team make just 38 percent of what men make. The maximum salary female players make is just $72,000, not including bonuses, according to ESPN.

A complaint was filed against the U.S. Soccer Federation in 2016 regarding the need for equal pay in soccer. The complaint cited that the women’s team generated almost $20 million more in revenue than the men’s team. Despite this, male soccer players make nearly double per game, plus over $6,000 more per each bonus.

The Women’s National Team is using the hashtag #EqualPayforEqualPlay in support of their campaign.

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LIFE/STYLE: “Staycationing” on the rise

by Lizzy Street, Ian Gruber, Nguyen Phan –

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Chronic stress, fatigue and lowered worker productivity — according to Psychology Today, that’s what can happen to the human body when one doesn’t take time off for a vacation.

For many adults, taking an occasional vacation is necessary to keep the balance of work and life in check. For college students, however, planning a vacation can be stressful, especially with tight budgets and busy schedules. The younger generation is discovering the benefits of a “staycation,” or a vacation in one’s own town.

“Staycationing” is on the rise, and it has many advantages for finances and health — both mental and physical. For college students especially, staying at home is much more economical than going abroad. On average, Americans spend between 10 and 15 percent of their annual income on vacation, in which they spend 44 percent on transportation costs. By choosing to staycation, students can save money that would have been used on tickets, gas and accommodations. This reduction in travel time also opens up free time for more activities and stress relief.

Even though staycations have several worthwhile benefits, they also come with unexpected costs. According to NBC News, traveling for vacation has unique advantages that staycations do not share, including a lowered risk of heart attacks, heart disease and depression.

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SCI/TECH: Mars just lost its biggest observer

by Jessica Spiers, Michaela Kreiter, Max Biesecker–

Photo by NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center on / CC BY-NC

After 15 years on the soil of another planet, the Mars rover Opportunity’s journey has finally come to an end. Launched on July, 7 2003 and reaching the red planet almost a year later, Opportunity has provided scientists here on Earth with a plethora of information regarding our nearest planetary neighbor, including evidence that the surface of Mars once hosted large bodies of water and even streams, an important step in mankind’s search for life in the universe.

Running for longer than expected, many of us here on Earth grew attached to the little rover over 30 million miles away. Grief over the shutdown of Opportunity was expressed through many social media platforms. Twitter served as the focal point for this wave of emotion, where a tweet by science reporter Jacob Margolis saying Opportunity’s last transmission was “My battery is low and it’s getting dark.” quickly went viral. While this turned out to be false, the hashtag #thanksoppy was in fact trending on twitter.

While NASA hasn’t specified their next steps in potentially replacing the rover, the shutdown of Opportunity has prompted people to question mankind’s next steps towards Mars. There’s been talk of sending a human to Mars to further the discoveries, however as of now there is no plan set in stone yet.

Through the use of Opportunity we have expanded upon our understanding of what else might be out there. NASA along with other organizations will continue their research and enhance our knowledge of our place in the solar system.

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ARTS/CULTURE: Unsung Hero in Black History

by Hannah Bumgarner, Liam Duchelle–

Black History Month has arrived. While the occasion is noticed and celebrated by millions of Americans, its startup remains a story that hasn’t garnered serious attention. At least at the mainstream level, few people know of how Black History Month came to be what it is today.

It all started with Dr. Carter G. Woodson, a fascinating man who was the second African-American ever to receive a Ph.D. from Harvard despite not having any formal education until the age of 20. Even still, this may be only his second greatest accomplishment.

In 1926, Dr. Woodson pioneered the introduction of what was then called “Negro History Week”. The week of recognition was intended to align with the birthdays of Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglas; which is why the now month-long event occurs in February. Due to his contributions to the celebration and empowerment of African-Americans, Dr. Woodson later became known as the “father of black history”.

From a more local perspective, here at Virginia Tech student organizations are making efforts to shed light on the struggles of the African-American. Acknowledgment that these struggles still exist is the first step to creating a movement for change.

carter g. woodson quote

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SCI/TECH: Augmented reality makes its way into daily lives

by Christina Dougherty, Brenda Nguyen—


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Augmented reality is merging its way into everyday technology, providing more accessibility and convenience to users.

Augmented reality is when technology can produce computer-generated images on a user’s view of the real world. Though seemingly advanced, this technology is now available on most smartphones.

The world was introduced to an app in 2016 called “Pokémon Go”, an interactive game that allows players to “catch” the creatures in their area. This app gained great success, and really introduced augmented reality to a wide range of people.

Augmented reality is not only good for entertainment purposes, but for convenience as well. These apps are downloaded with a simple click on your smartphone. Augmented Reality is making its way into medicine as well, changing the way surgeons perform medical procedures.

Join us in this podcast as we discuss how augmented reality became well-known and to where the technology is expanding into our lives now.

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SPORTS: Hokie football working through obstacles


Tyrod Taylor during pregame prayer
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by Riley Wyant, Danielle Jeffers–

Following the loss to Old Dominion University on Sept. 22, Virginia Tech football has faced many struggles. During the matchup, starting quarterback Josh Jackson broke his left fibula and had to be carted off the field in the fourth quarter. He will be sitting out the rest of the season following an intensive repair surgery.

Post-game internal controversy in the locker room led to the dismissal of Defensive End Trevon Hill. Hill led the team in sacks and was one of the star players on the defense. His dismissal will impact Bud Foster’s defense in future matchups as the Hokies fight for a chance at the playoffs.

Ryan Willis, a transfer from Kansas, is now Virginia Tech’s starting quarterback but the team seems to be unfamiliar with the new dynamic. After the loss to ODU, the Hokies regained their confidence and beat Duke in Durham on Sept. 29. Unfortunately, the winning streak didn’t last as the team lost against Notre Dame last Saturday at home. There is an obvious lack of consistency and chemistry when it comes to the young team.

The Hokies are traveling to Chapel Hill this weekend to take on the UNC Tarheels. Will the team win and regain momentum or disappoint once again?

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SPORTS: Recent evolution of Hokie football

By Jacob Thompson, Ashley Vollrath, Rebecca Choate —


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In November 2015, Justin Fuente was named head coach of the Virginia Tech football team.

“I am looking forward to a bright future for our football program under the direction of Coach Fuente,” said Virginia Tech President Tim Sands, “He has demonstrated a commitment to excellence, integrity and the values that Hokies espouse.”

Previously the head coach for the University of Memphis, Fuente is regarded as one of the rising stars in college coaching.

Regardless, Fuente had big shoes to fill, as former head coach Frank Beamer was coaching with his alma mater since 1987. Beamer’s 280 wins and 23 straight bowls were something to marvel at.

How do the last two years of Beamer Ball compare to Fuente’s first two seasons with the Hokies? In this week’s sports podcast, we analyze how the football team has changed and how student life has evolved as a result.

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SCI/TECH: SpaceX’s next steps

by Amber Miller, Stephen Newman, Ryan Dye–

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Space exploration leader SpaceX recently used a rocket to send a supply capsule to the International Space Station…for the second time.

The Block 4 Falcon 9 rocket was first launched into space in April of 2017. After detaching from the cargo it was carrying, it was guided down and landed on an un-manned SpaceX drone ship off the coast of Florida.

The rocket was then recovered, refurbished and sent into space again earlier this week. And just as the first time, it landed bullseye on the ship.

These rockets were only designed to be launched up to two times, but SpaceX will next launch the Block 5 Falcon 9 rocket, which according to Elon Musk can potentially be relaunched up to 100 times.

This breakthrough could dramatically cut the cost of space exploration and could lead to Musk’s ultimate goal of putting one million people on Mars in the next 40-100 years.

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ARTS/CULTURE: Black Panther, diversity in Hollywood

by Catherine Irvin, Grayson Wimbish, Brendan Quinn–

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Marvel Studios’ Black Panther dominated the box office during its premiere weekend. The film racked up $242 million domestically over President’s Day weekend, destroying prior expectations.

Along the way, Black Panther has taught Hollywood a lesson about diversity in blockbuster films. Despite premiering in February rather than the blockbuster-heavy summer months, the film enjoyed the fifth largest opening weekend in film history. It has dispelled the notion that films featuring African-American leads cannot travel overseas, grossing $169 million outside of North America.

Black Panther has added to the conversation around diversity in Hollywood; the entertainment sector has seen an influx of new voices driving the conversation. Audiences showed this weekend that they are prepared to support diversification on the silver screen.

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