VT Dining: Online ordering faces difficulties

Photo by Kampus Production from Pexels

by Anne Sheridan, Sabena Chadda-

This school year of 2022-23 serves as the second term where Virginia Tech tries to return to normalcy post-pandemic. A current issue on life on campus has to do with the dining halls. To be efficient, dining halls have implemented more pick-up orders, rather than overcrowding the buildings with long lines. But is it quicker? And does it clear up the buildings the way it was meant to? Announced in 2019, Virginia Tech made the switch to a different online food ordering system. Like many college’s, they are now using GrubHub’s new feature called GrubHub Campus Dining.

Many students share mixed opinions on how they like to get their food. Whether it’s waiting in the lines on campus or ordering an hour ahead to beat the long wait times, some students are not too happy with the hustle and bustle of the dining halls here on Virginia Tech’s campus. On this vodcast, we interview students on their thoughts regarding wait times in their dining halls.

VT charges for Spring Game

by Keranie Chery and Tatyanna Walker–

The Spring Game at Virginia Tech is an exhibition match between football players to decide the lineup for the next season. In previous years, the Spring Game has been free and open to everyone to attend. Virginia Tech has made the decision to charge $5 to all attendees, excluding students who get one of the few lottery tickets, to come to the Spring Game with the option to add a donation to the Hokie Club. 

The money made from ticket sales and optional donations will go towards the football program and the operational costs needed to run the program. On this vodcast for The News Feed, Keranie Chery and Tatyanna Walker ask Virginia Tech students how they feel about being charged for something that was once free.

Should the US get involved in the situation between Russia and Ukraine?

by Sean Lyons, Connor Morris–

Photo: John-Mark Smith on Pexels

Note: The video footage in this vodcast was produced on Feb. 23.

The current conflict between Russia and Ukraine has been a discussed topic since mid-January, when the United States’ Center for Strategic and International Studies reported there being a large group of Russian military on the border of Russia and Ukraine.

U.S. President Joe Biden announced Thursday that he would be imposing sanctions on Russia that would limit exports and block some Russian banks’ assets, according to a story by the Associated Press.

On this vodcast for The News Feed, people answered if the United States should get involved in the current situation (as of Feb. 23) between Russia and Ukraine.

Changing Mask-Wearing Mandates

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by Autumn Zipfel, Leah Garrison–

With new vaccines rolling out every day, Virginia passed a bill through the Senate, making masks optional for Virginia public schools. While the purpose of masks is to keep others safe from the spread of the coronavirus, the new vaccine introduces a new question: should masks become optional?

Tim Sands, the President of Virginia Tech, released a statement preparing Virginia Tech students for the very possibility of optional masks. To understand how current students feel about an optional mask mandate, reporters Autumn Zipfel and Leah Garrison went out on campus to gain some insight.

Super Bowl LVI: Predictions, Expectations

A Pigskin Football and a Silver Trophy
Photo by: RODNEA Productions from pexles.com

by Melissa Vergara, Gavin Linden

When February comes around, two things come to mind: Valentine’s Day and the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl has become a tradition for people in the United States for over half a century. Fans of all NFL teams come together to watch the Super Bowl in many different ways: at home with family, at bars enjoying drinks with friends, or even watching in person.

People around Blacksburg have mixed opinions on either team, the underdog, Cincinnati Bengals, or the favorites, Los Angeles Rams. Another focal point for the Super Bowl is the show at halftime. This year’s halftime show has brought together R&B artists of the early 2000’s, making it a Super Bowl for people of all ages to enjoy.

Students’ thoughts on new VT Men’s Basketball Head Coach

Photo by k8southern on Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA

When Buzz Williams arrived at Virginia Tech, the men’s basketball team was ranked dead last in the ACC. However, by the time he left, the program was a formidable adversary in the conference, reaching its first NCAA Sweet Sixteen since 1967. After the disappointing departure of Williams, the Virginia Tech fan base has mixed emotions about the newly hired head coach, Mike Young. Having taken Wofford to the NCAA Tournament five of the past ten years, Young plans to bring his winning strategy to Cassell Coliseum. With over thirty years of coaching experience under his belt, he is confident in his ability to pick up where the program left off.

During his inaugural press conference, the Radford native said that returning to his home turf was a “dream come true.” Nonetheless, it appears most students are still divided about his homecoming, with some excited for a new era in Virginia Tech basketball and others anxious about such a turn of events.

Digital News Delivery: Curio

Curio Photo
Photo by Foter.com // CCBY

by Eric Luu, Ayveri Lane–

Curio is a new app that recently became available for smartphones. It’s a unique app that allows people to gather their news by listening to articles. The app joins together multiple publications, such as The Washington Post and The Guardian, to share the news with listeners.

According to the New York Times, more than half of Americans have listened to a podcast. With the growth of popularity in audio formats within media, Curio created a space where users can listen to multiple different stories at the click of the button. It covers topics such as politics, economics, and technology. Users have the option to curate their listening feed to which topics interest them most.

This app is gaining popularity and is well liked, with a rating of 4.8 out of 5. The rising popularity speaks to the importance of creative and new forms of digital news delivery.



Digital News Delivery: Reddit changes the way people receive news

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by Maria Berkowitz, Andrew Alix —

Reddit is an online news aggregation website founded by two University of Virginia roommates in 2005. In March 2019, Reddit reached 542 million monthly visitors, making it the sixth most visited website in the United States.

Reddit organizes itself through user-created areas of interest called SubReddits. These subreddits can focus on categories as broad as “r/politics”, which is subscribed to by over 4,930,693 Reddit users, to the vastly more specific “r/VirginiaTech” which is subscribed to by 13,822 users.

The popularity of the site is an example of how the rise of the internet and the development of user-oriented social media type platforms has transformed the way that people all over the world receive the news.  

Should Virginia legalize marijuana?


Legalization and decriminalization of marijuana will not be coming to the Commonwealth of Virginia anytime soon.

In January, two bills that could have legalized and decriminalized marijuana across the Commonwealth were struck down by a House of Delegates subcommittee. The bills’ failures have led to many different opinions about recreational use of the drug, which is legalized in some form in over 30 states.

After asking students and other Blacksburg residents on Virginia Tech’s campus, a majority believe that the decriminalization and legalization of marijuana would be beneficial for the Commonwealth. They cite numerous reasons for their opinions, including its potential economic impact, medicinal benefits and the disproportionate incarceration rates of black Americans for marijuana-related offenses, as discussed in an article from the Washington Post. The few dissenting opinions cited that control of the drug was a primary concern.

Even with the demise of the bills, many remain hopeful that Virginia will loosen its marijuana laws in the future.





Virginia Tech: Deserving of diversity awards?

by Monica Becerra, Christina Dougherty–

Photo by eltpics on Foter.com / CC BY-NC

It’s no secret that under President Tim Sands, Virginia Tech has taken lots of steps to try to make the university a more diverse place. Recently, Virginia Tech was selected as a 2018 Higher Education Excellence in Diversity (HEED) Award recipient and a 2018 Diversity Champion by INSIGHT, the largest diversity publication. As far as what diversity really means to students on campus though, there are differing opinions.

After speaking with students, a lot of them feel that Virginia Tech is very welcoming and that it’s growing as a diverse space. On the other hand, however, some feel that while changes are definitely being made, Virginia Tech is not worthy of any awards quite just yet.

Regardless of one’s opinion on the topic, Virginia Tech has taken the award with pride and will continue to further its diversity efforts in hopes of making a more inclusive environment for all students.