Historic Hokie recruiting class


Photo credit: techsports via Foter.com / CC BY-ND

by Isabella Post, Zach Wajsgras–

Hokie fans have a lot to look forward to next year as head coach Justin Fuente recently locked up a historic recruiting class for the 2017 football season.

Prior to his inaugural year at the head of the program last year, Fuente only had a few weeks to recruit for his new team. This year, the new coaching staff took advantage of the full off season to reel in the top talent in Virginia.

With players like Devon Hunter, the number one ranked safety in the country, and many others headlining the new group of players, Fuente will have a lot of decisions to make to fill the positions left behind by last year’s team.

Isaiah Ford, Bucky Hodges, Jerod Evans and several other players from the 10-3 team last year left the team, leaving many to wonder who will be the dominant players next year.

We spoke to Virginia Tech students about what they hope to see in next year’s Virginia Tech football team.

Digital News Delivery: Trump and Twitter

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore via Foter.com / CC BY-SA

by Johnny Kraft and Becky Shumar

President Donald Trump’s use of Twitter is changing the way Americans get their news. While it gives the American people a personal connection with their president, it has also brought a fair share of controversy and backlash for our new president.

Twitter allows Donald Trump to communicate directly with the people on his own terms rather than through traditional media, similar to President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s fireside chats in the 1930s. However, this has its pros and cons as Trump’s brutally honest, but unfiltered tweets can be seen as inappropriate and controversial.

President Trump is held to a different standard than almost anyone in the world as everything he says or does will be analyzed and judged by the public. That is why his unfiltered tweets can, not only lead to issues for him, but also the country he runs.

This trend has started to spread to other nation’s leaders as last week Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto announced on Twitter that he would not attend the meeting scheduled with President Trump on January 31.

So while Trump is changing the game with his use of twitter, it is his twitter game that may have to change if he wants to avoid more controversy as president of the United States of America.

SCI/TECH: Nintendo goes viral with new console concept

by Luis Collazo, Katelin Frosell, Mina Sharif–

Nintendo took the gaming community by storm when it recently unveiled the revolutionary Nintendo Switch.

The Switch’s new hybrid console concept allows the gamer to play a game at home and then pick up the console and take it anywhere; never missing a step in the game. The portable version of the device has two detachable “Joy-Cons,” or controllers, allowing for multiplayer gameplay on the go.

Also new to Nintendo is the presence of third-party support. In its trailer, the Nintendo Switch hints at collaboration with third-party game creators by teasing the console’s compatibility with Skyrim and NBA 2K, which are games that have been exclusive to Xbox and Play Station in the past.

The News Feed’s Katelin, Mina and Luis talk about their thoughts on the Nintendo Switch in this podcast.

Digital News Delivery: iPhone 7 aides in citizen journalism

by Kyle Cooke, Maria Dobbs–

Given today’s technology, it’s true that anyone can be a journalist. Whether it’s recording video, taking pictures, or sending out news on Facebook and Twitter, mobile devices and apps have enabled anyone with access to a smart phone to spread news. The new iPhone 7 is adding to this trend, specifically with its updated camera. The camera on the iPhone 7 is so high-end (it includes an incredible “portrait mode”) that professional photographers have been using it to shoot NFL games this season.

However, the way the iPhone 7 displays news to its users has also improved. Instead of having to open the separate news application, individuals can swipe right from their lock screen and the “Top Stories” of the day will show up. Even better, the news is curated to the owner of the phone.

Finally, the improved camera of the iPhone 7 is making live streaming more efficient and enjoyable. Many news organizations such as the ACC Network and even The Collegiate Times have been utilizing live streaming services like Periscope and Facebook Live from their mobile devices. With the iPhone 7’s improved camera, those streams are only getting clearer.

Pretty in Pink

by Jess Ku–

Blacksburg, Va., Oct. 26 – Pink Ribbons: Downtown Blacksburg held its 8th annual Pretty in Pink event to help fundraise for the Virginia Breast Cancer Foundation. Photo by Jess Ku.

Recently local restaurants and stores in the Downtown Blacksburg community participated in the 8th annual Pretty In Pink Event. This event was to help fundraise for the Virginia Breast Cancer Foundation (VCBF). Pretty in Pink was presented by Kent Jewelers and Downtown Blacksburg, Inc.

There were many opportunities for the community to help donate. Participating downtown merchants such as Social House, Gillie’s, Bollo’s, Mellow Mushroom, and many more local restaurants gave a percentage of their sales to VCBF. During the hours of the event, the stores put signs on their front door to encourage local residents to buy and donate to the event.

“It was great to see Blacksburg as a community come together to help with a great cause,” said Abigail Wright, senior at Virginia Tech. “I know that a lot of people know at least one person that is or has dealt with breast cancer, so I think it’s great to make others aware that it is for a big cause.”


According to vcbf.org, “the Virginia Breast Cancer Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to the eradication of breast cancer through education and advocacy.” It also states on their Priorities page that “advocacy saves lives by empowering people to express their views and concerns, access information and services, and defend and promote their rights and responsibilities.”

Owners of local restaurants, such as Jeremy Counts of Main Street Pharmacy and Roya Gharavi of Gourmet Pantry, participated in the Pretty in Pink event, as well as going a little above throughout the month of October.

Roanoke’s Mellow Mushroom…what’s the craze?

ROANOKE, Oct. 4 – MELLOW MUSHROOM: The long awaited Mellow Mushroom will open its doors in the Roanoke Valley on Oct. 24. Photo: Katelin Frosell

by Katelin Frosell–

Roanoke-area residents aren’t so mellow about the new restaurant coming to town. In fact, most are ecstatic.

On a gray stretch of Franklin Road, Mellow Mushroom is adding a bit of color.

The eclectic pizza joint, which will open its doors in Roanoke on Oct. 24, has amassed more attention than average for a new restaurant in the Roanoke Valley. Its “Mellow Mushroom Roanoke” Facebook page has already garnered almost 6,500 likes. That’s almost 1,000 more likes than an already-established “Mellow Mushroom Blacksburg” Facebook page, which has been open for nearly two years.

Not only are Roanokers “liking” the page; they are being vocal about their excitement too.

“Are there Mellow Mushroom Christmas ornaments?” Stephanie Murray of Roanoke wrote in an Oct. 4 post on Mellow Mushroom Roanoke’s Facebook page.

Another pizzeria?

More than 10 pizza joints already exist in the Roanoke Valley. So why is this one of the most talked-about restaurant chains to come to Roanoke in the last year?

“There are so many pizza joints around town that sort of get drowned out,” said Roanoke resident Ken Misco. “Mellow Mushroom is making an effort to stand out both visually as an establishment and with their menu.”

Misco has lived in Roanoke for over 30 years and considers himself a “Valley foodie.” He says he hasn’t seen a chain with this much character come to Roanoke during his time here, adding that the uniqueness of the building alone may be what is reeling so many people in.

The newly constructed building sits in the parking lot of Carilion Clinic outpatient center in the 2300 block of Franklin Road. A mural was painted on the side of the building in colors of purple, yellow, blue, red and pink. The inside will feature diner-style booths and a wall stacked to the ceiling with beer cans. An outdoor patio will be warmed by a fire pit, something of a rarity in Roanoke restaurants.

But the inside is just as special as the outside. Mellow Mushroom offers 40 on-tap beers and a menu filled with original pizza creations with names like the “Funky Q. Chicken” or the “Kosmic Karma.” According to its menu, you’ll have to go the “Create-Your-Own” route if you want just a simple pepperoni pizza.

It will be one of few restaurants in the area that caters to vegan and gluten-free diets.

“It’ll be nice to have [a pizza joint] that brings something different to the table,” Misco said.