POLITICS: Polls, debates, and Trump contracting the coronavirus

by Tahreem Alam, Sarah Wormald–

Photo on Foter.com

President Trump contracted the coronavirus on October 2, 2020 while simultaneously campaigning for his 2020 Presidential re-election race. His coronavirus-handling approval rates are decreasing as U.S. citizens enter the eighth month into the pandemic, which can have serious consequences for his campaign in key swing states.

In addition, Former Vice President and President Trump recently could not reconcile on a method for debating in the second presidential debates in Miami, resulting in the second debate’s cancellation. Although public opinion polls do not decide the winner of the debates nor the actual election, what does a debate cancellation mean for citizens who expected to watch the two most popular candidates engage with meaningful questions?

Finally, what does Trump’s behavior and attitude around the virus, and then suddenly contracting and spreading it in the White House mean for his image in relation to national public health?

LIFE/STYLE: Fitness routines and COVID-19

by Tahreem Alam, Bobby Trono–

Photo by Alexander Wessels on Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered many lifestyles and daily routines. After over 6 months of on-and-off community-wide scares, cities in the New River Valley are reopening gyms, workout spaces, among other indoor facilities. In addition, Virginia Tech students returned earlier this season to capacity limits within on-campus gym facilities.

However, with limited places to go and work out, Hokies are finding new and creative ways to stay active and healthy, while practicing social distancing. People have taken up online classes for workouts, yoga routines, and meditation sessions. Virginia Tech even introduced a new field house to accommodate students who want safer recreational options.

Thus, it seems like even under the new restrictions, Virginia Tech Hokies are still displaying their value of a healthy lifestyle and spirit for fitness.