Life/Style: Affordable Spring Break Trips

by R.J. Garza, Andrew Webb–

Photo by Kerri Lee Smith on / CC BY-NC-SA

With Spring Break only three weeks away, many college students are scrambling to find the perfect trip to fit their needs. Considering many college students struggle to finance properly, it would be no surprise some students find it difficult to make a Spring Break trip that does not ruin someone’s savings.

In this podcast, we will go over some useful tips that can actually make planning and budgeting for your spring break trip much easier. For example, simple actions like making sure you create an itinerary can make a difference especially for planning what activities you want to budget in and out.

Also, traveling in groups can be a difference-maker in terms of travel and housing during Spring Break. Mainly because you’ll be able to split the cost of many expenses during your trip. Note that if you’re flying avoid flying on weekends.

In terms of planning a trip be sure to begin by brainstorming destinations that are closer to you to get some basic ideas of what you can do. Then, you can expand your options to bigger and better trips. This is important mainly because you always need a few backup plans in case your main desired trip falls through.