Quick Pricks for Wellness

by Kayla Frank-

Hydrate or (Die)drate. Intravenous vitamin therapy is the fastest way to receive nutrients in the body. 

If you need a boost, treating an illness, have a migraine, or recovering after a strenuous workout, IV therapy can cut down your wait time. 

Instead of taking vitamins orally and allowing them to break down and weaken in the digestion process, IV therapy is a quick solution that enters straight into the bloodstream.

The trending treatment has also been known to clear your complexion, lose weight, alleviate chronic pain, and enhance your focus. Altogether, there’s an IV drip that can be utilized for anything. 

Photo from Pixels.com by SHVETS Production

Popular amongst celebrities, IV therapy is a quick fix for jet lag and hangovers when you’re constantly on the go and don’t have time to feel fatigued. The cost of the service is another reason it remains popular with certain demographics, as one session is usually priced at a minimum of $100.

Other common services for IV therapy include private parties for groups after a large night out, such as a bachelor party or wedding. Drip Hydration, a mobile medical service, purposefully locates its mobile IV services in areas during big events such as Coachella, the Kentucky Derby, and New York Fashion Week. 

Renew and Restore Wellness Spa, located in Blacksburg, Virginia, offers an IV therapy menu with six different choices such as “Hangover Highroller,” which is “great for after a wicked night out and everything hurts.” Ingredients along with the balanced salt solution include anti-nausea, pain relief, antacid, B12, and B complex. 

Treatments at Renew and Restore Wellness Spa can also be tailored to your body’s demand, literally.

Lacking the energy to even make it to the spa? Renew and Restore Wellness Spa offers concierge services across the New River Valley, with a $150 travel fee in addition to the cost of the IV, which ranges from $99 to $159.

Sessions can take as long as 90 minutes and are recommended 1-2 times a week for optimal effectiveness. 

IV therapy is a way to get nutrients quickly, but it is imperative they are administered by a licensed professional. 

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