INTERNATIONAL: Nigerian bandits and boarding schools

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by Jett Hooker, Darrell Grant —

The number of kidnappings has been rising in Nigeria over the past year due to the county’s economic crisis. Several groups of armed men operate in northern Nigeria and rely on raiding boarding schools and abducting boys and girls to receive ransom money or bargaining deals. Abduction has become a growth industry in Nigeria as a result of these events. 

Just last week, a group of gunmen abducted hundreds of schoolgirls from the Girls Science Secondary School despite the fact that the Nigerian military had a camp set up nearby. Fortunately, the schoolgirls were released but the Nigerian people are highly disappointed with the lack of help from their government and military. 

The frequent raids and abductions have caused many teachers to flee to other states for protection, while many school children have abandoned their education to avoid the violent attacks. As a result, residents of northern Nigeria are demanding that local authorities bring the action needed to keep the schools safe. 

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