Sports and Safety

21 Oct

Club sports at Virginia Tech look different this year due to COVID restrictions put in place by the school. Although most sports are able to hold tryouts and regular practices, their competition schedules are more limited. In addition to uncertain and unplanned seasons, each club must go through safety precautions, like mask usage, temperature checks, and social distancing before using Virginia tech facilities. They must also access and complete the health questionnaire on the HokieReady app in order to enter the facility.

“This year, obviously, we’re wearing masks. That’s a big change. We also have to make sure that we’re keeping our distance. If we want to get water, we all have to stay spread apart at least ten feet apart if we want to get a sip of water,” said Raya Mufti, women’s club volleyball officer.

Virginia tech created a bubble called the field house where club sports like volleyball, basketball and MMA club could continue their daily practices and tournaments. The field house is equipped with temperature screening machines and a check in table with staff who enforce the rules for all guests and players. 

“So far, the bubble’s been awesome. We got to come out here and every day it’s been really nice and really clean. They’re checking our temperatures and scanning us in so it’s really safe. It’s really nice courts too, not much different than War Memorial. I actually like it more than War Memorial because the floors aren’t concrete, but overall it’s been really nice for everyone,” said Matthew Lewandowski, men’s club volleyball member.

Neither club volleyball nor club basketball will be able to compete against other schools this season yet baseball and softball are hopeful for the spring. Reporting for the Newsfeed, I’m Jasmine Ayazi.

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