VT Rec Sports COVID-19 Response

Virginia Tech and it’s teams are making constant efforts to and provide guidelines, assistance, and information to its students faculty and staff so to create a safe university environment.

With daily updates on it’s COVID-19 dashboard, as well as new procedural, testing, classroom, and dormitory rules, there has been no shortage of information from the school.

The Recreational Sports Department, which is in charge of virtually all organized recreational sporting and personal health facilities and activities on campus, has been effected massively by these changes, and has shaken up by these perpetual changes.

“A lot of our communication has started with or had the words ‘at this time” says Will Trent, the Marketing Manager for VT Rec Sports. “We are nimble, we are open to scaling back on policies as they are scaled back by our university and Governor Northam, and we are open to change as we are able to.”

Since a test pilot held in the summer with the few students living on campus, rec sports has implemented many new guidelines for its users; both indoor and out.

In Mccomas hall, there is a scheduling system to sign up for timed workout slots, fever testing, the use of the Hokie Ready app, as well as redesigned and spread out exercise machines and areas.

“Now that they’ve moved to the fully appointment only, I think it’s a lot better, and it’s a lot more spaced out in there [Mccomas Hall]. And I think, even post COVID-19, I think I’d like for them to keep it this way so it’s not packed.” said Mohammed Hussein, a sophomore at Virginia Tech.

As for outdoor activities, the recreational field and tent are free for students use with masks from dawn to dusk. However, traditional team sport intramurals have been cancelled. Alternatives have been put in place including skills challenges, badminton, pickle ball, e-sports tournaments, and much more.