Title XI enact new regulations

New regulations have been implemented by Title XI at Virginia Tech. Due to the changes in the board of education, Title XI has adjusted the way that they handle cases of sexual assault that occur off campus and add restriction to what cases they can or can not respond to.

“What the department of education did is they gave us a new definition of what sexual harassment means under Title XI and they also gave us a new geographic jurisdiction of what cases will fall under Title XI,” said Polidoro.

In order to receive federal funding so that students can receive financial aid, Title XI are required by law to follow these rules.

“There are things that as a University we need to be in compliance with,” said Polidoro.

These new regulations will make the way in which Title XI responds to off campus sexual harassment and assault more limiting than Title XI’s previous regulations. In past semesters, Virginia Tech students have protested the ways in which Title XI has been handling cases of sexual assault.

These students have been sharing their stories about how Title XI treated them.

“I do not think they’re doing anything that they should be doing. All the people I talk to – there’s so much prevalence that Title XI doesn’t really care. They just want to get it done as quickly as they can even though they took up so much of my time,” said Bailey.

Students feel as though these new regulations were a big step backwards from what they were hoping to see change.

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