US Postal System struggles amid Coronavirus pandemic

It’s no secret that the Coronavirus pandemic has left no aspect of daily life untouched and the United States Postal System is no exception. 

As states began to lock down weeks ago, orders for citizens to stay at home caused society to stop in its tracks. With businesses shutting down left and right, mail volume has been driven down significantly. This loss of revenue poses a significant threat to the USPS.

Photo credit: Pope Moysuh

Losing funding doesn’t stop the country’s need for the agency– in fact, the 2020 census along with the upcoming delivery of stimulus checks only increases the nation’s need for the postal system. 

Due to the postal workers’ status as essential workers, they are on the front line every day with a high likelihood of interaction with COVID-19.  Nearly 500 USPS employees have tested positive for the virus, with several hundred more presumptive cases within the agency. As of April 11th, 19 workers have died from contracting the virus. 

The rapid loss of funding along with the infection of employees hasn’t taken the agency down quite yet. Many have come forward to suggest privatizing the USPS, some even going so far as to push the nationalization of Amazon

In efforts to support the postal system and its workers, many citizens have begun advocating the purchase of stamps from the USPS, as well as sending more mail through it.