SCI/TECH: Drone Delivery

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by Skyler Adkins, Dan Demski and Aisha Sheppard —

Amazon has taken over the delivery industry with special features like 2-day shipping, food deliveries, and, now, drones. Prime Air was launched in December of 2016 with delivery time of approximately 13 minutes. Amazon understands that with this innovative idea comes defects and complaints, so Amazon is constantly testing new technology and fixing bugs in the drones. One of the major defects in the drones used for Prime Air is the GSP. Some drones have crashed into houses or landed in abandoned fields.

Another secured delivery system that Amazon has created is Amazon Hubs. These P.O. boxes are established outside business such as convenience stores and create a safe space for consumers’ packages. Theft on and off campus has been unacceptable, especially with Amazon packages being left on doorsteps or outside dorm rooms. These Amazon Hubs keep consumers secure of their package safety.

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