Credit Card Larcenies on Virginia Tech’s Campus

Photo provided by the Virginia Tech Police Department

Written by Samantha Dailly   –     December 12th, 2019

BLACKSBURG – Va. — Thousands of dollars worth of financial loss was reported from on-campus credit card larcenies.

Larceny has been a semester-long problem for the Virginia Tech police. Most recently, the police released a photo from a security camera located in a non-residential hall that shows a person of interest for the credit card larceny case. Lieutenant Tony Haga, head of Virginia Tech police’s investigations unit, describes why the police released the photo to the public.

“We had enough probable cause to believe that that picture is, in fact, most definitely our suspect for that case,” said Lt. Haga, “We were able to establish probable cause and attain paperwork from the courts. We had no other way of identifying him, so we reached out to the community to see if they would be able to help us.”

The police received two reports of office break-ins and one report of theft from personal belongings that were left in a public area. The person responsible for this crime is stealing credit cards and buying goods with them. Over $2000 of financial loss has been reported.

“[The larcenist is] entering unlocked on-campus office spaces and in one incident, an individual left their belongings in a public area where the credit cards were taken from there,” said Lt. Haga.

The police believe that the suspect in the picture is not connected to any other case of larceny from this semester; however, with the holiday season rapidly approaching, Lt. Haga offers some safety tips regarding personal belongings – including packages.

“Do not leave your property unattended in a public space and if you are leaving your office for any period of time, make sure that you lock up any of your personal belongings and lock your office space,” said Lt. Haga. “As far as packages, you can work with vendors to make arrangements to have your packages delivered to someone you trust – that you know is going to be there to receive those packages. There are also off-campus locations where you can have your packages delivered there and they will hold them for your pick-up. There is also a program where your package can be delivered to a locker space and you are given a code to access that locker. You can also schedule the delivery of your packages to a time you when you are available to accept it.”

Holiday season package safety.png

The police have received no reports regarding the person of interest since the release of the photo, but Lt. Haga assures the public that the investigative team is making considerable progress and they hope to see a conclusion soon.

If you have any information regarding the suspect in the released photo or have to report any larcenies on campus, contact Detective J.C. Waid at 540-231-6790 or the police department at 540-382-4343. You can also give an anonymous tip about the case on their website.