Less parking, more money

New towing enforcement causes residents to find newer parking options downtown.

BLACKSBURG, Va. Nov, 4 — Downtown Blacksburg parking changes.  Photo: Taylor Kelso

By: Taylor Kelso     November 4, 2019

Parking could become more expensive in the downtown Blacksburg area if residents aren’t paying attention to where and when they park.

The downtown post office has recently contracted with Campus Automotive to tow away cars that are parked in its parking lot after hours.

The post office is a tax payer funded facility, meaning those who pay taxes are able to use the parking available after hours.

However, with the new change in effect, that can no longer happen.

“It just seems to be unfair to the town residents because it’s a government facility and it should be a public parking lot,” said Michael Blankenship, a 39 year resident of Blacksburg.

According to Campus Automotive the downtown postal office requested towing services after experiencing problems with cars parking after hours. Campus Automotive agreed to the request and will now tow cars that are in the lot past 5 p.m.

“The first couple of nights after  we signed the contract, we towed a few cars, but nothing in comparison to what we usually tow at other properties,” said Johnie Self, Campus Automotive Manager.

Other parking options in downtown Blacksburg are paid public parking lots, including the Kent Square parking garage.

Residents feel this will drive people away from shopping downtown and harm those who have to walk further to their car at night time.

“It just seems like they are increasing the danger to the residents,” said Blankenship.

There have been no comments from the Blacksburg town council on this decision