As The Leaves Fall, Someone Comes To Pick Them Up

Towns come together to help the community clean up a fall mess.

by Steffen Bøhn – November 4th, 2019

As the autumn months continue along, the leaves of the New River Valley continue to fall, creating a mess for some of the residents.

This led to the creation of the Annual Leaf Collection organized by both the town of Blacksburg and Christiansburg for their residents.

For the past 30 years, the free program has the Public Work crew operating Leaf Vacuums to pick up the leaves that have been left for them by homeowners on the sides of roads.

While this programs offers much help to the community, public officials like Amy Southall, urge the community to pay attention to the guidelines set in place by each town in order to make sure the collection goes as smoothly as possible.

Public Works crews will only collect piles of loose leaves; leaves placed in bags will not be accepted. Please do not place pile of loose leaves in a way that blocks sidewalks, sanitary sewers, solid waste carts, drainage ditches or utility meter boxes.

Amy Southall – Town of Christiansburg Public Relations Specialist

To secure piles of leaves, towns recommend weighing down the leaves with a tarp or blankets using weights to hold it down.

The Public Work crews will only be collecting leaves, and contaminated piles will not be collected by either town, this includes sticks and other debris.

Each town has their own set up for how the leaves will be collected throughout the autumn and winter months.

The town of Blacksburg will be sending Public Work crews to each the East and West sides of the town over alternating weeks. Collection began in late October but continues throughout the rest of November and parts of February.

The West side of Blacksburg will have leaf collection on November 4th and 18th, while the East side of town will be visited November 11th and December 2nd. Heavily forested areas will have additional collection days on November 25th and December 9th as Public Work crews revisit those areas. All other leaves in Blacksburg will be collected, weather permitting, up until February 1st.

The town of Christiansburg will be collecting leaves consistently throughout the coming months. Collection starts on November 4th and will continue on weekdays until December 20th.