Package Poaching

Blacksburg, Va. – Oct. 2 – Former VTPD Chief Kevin Foust and new Chief Mac Babb at Babb’s ceremonial pinning. Photo: Virginia Tech Daily


By: Rachel McGraw – October 7, 2019

With the Fall semester well under way, students are becoming more and more busy with their studies. However, a new problem has risen for some students living on campus at Virginia Tech.

The VTPD recently received several reports of stolen packages from residence halls. The USPS utilizes central mailrooms for the dorms, but all other packages are delivered straight to the students’ doors and have the potential to sit there unattended for many hours.

The VTPD released a statement that was emailed to all Virginia Tech students on September 30th. Students are urged to consider requiring a signature for packages, leaving doors locked, or asking someone else to get the package once it is delivered. According to LT. Tony Haga, an investigation is in place to find the culprit, but students will have to take their own precautions in the meantime.

This is the second year in a row where Virginia Tech has experienced a chain of larceny around this time. Last year, two men were reported stealing money and other valuables from residence halls. The men were arrested about a month later, neither being students at Tech.

As the investigation ensues, the VTPD is currently undergoing a transition to a new Chief of Police. Former Chief Kevin Foust will now be taking over the position of Associate Vice President of Campus Safety and Security. This statement was also released on September 30th, via the VTPD Facebook page.

Foust has been a part of the Hokie Nation since 2011, serving as the Chief of Police since 2014. In his new role, will still be working closely with the VTPD. According to Virginia Tech Daily, Foust previously worked with the FBI and was the “unit chief of the Osama Bin Laden Unit in the Counter-terrorism Division.”

Mac Babb has taken over as the new chief. His pinning ceremony took place on October 2nd. Babb has almost 30 years of experience in the Roanoke and New River Valley areas, with the last 5 years being spent as the deputy chief of police at the VTPD. The search for the new deputy will begin soon, as Babb settles into his new position.