The “Pros”perous Over Acceptance of Freshmen

BLACKSBURG, Va. – 2010 – Students walking across the Drillfield. Photo: Virginia Tech

The advantages of over enrollment at Virginia Tech

by Steffen Bohn – September 15, 2019

Since the end of the 2019 Spring Semester, Virginia Tech and the community has been made aware about the incoming class of Freshmen.  What originally was intended to be 7000 acceptances for the fall semester was instead met with 8000 eager acceptances according to NPR.

To accommodate for this, a lot of Freshmen have now found housing options off campus of Virginia Tech according to the Roanoke Times.  This is different from the previous requirement that all first year students spend a year in the dorms. In turn, students who would usually depend on dining services almost exclusively will have to take a more local approach for food and other supplies. 

This could help the sales of many local businesses with with the influx of incoming students, which could then lead to the addition of more jobs in the town of Blacksburg and surrounding areas.

Virginia Tech has already been approving several areas to take on new hires to help with the incoming class.  According to Virginia Business, the university has approved the hire of 40 instructors and advisors while Student Affairs is hiring 21 additional people.  The Dining Services on campus that feeds a lot of the students and faculty have also been approved to take on more hires as well by the university.

However it does not stop there, the town of Blacksburg itself is starting to help the job market.  Blacksburg Town Manager Marc Verniel has said that the local transportation service, Blacksburg Transit, also has its eyes set on hiring more drivers.  While it could be argued that the town may not have enough money to hire more drivers, it has been reported by Verniel that “it’s not a budgetary concern.”

With this in mind, it does not appear that the incoming Freshman class is as daunting as one would initially anticipate.  While accepting over 1,000 extra students may seem like a bit much, it has already influenced the university and the surrounding areas.  With even more students living off campus, it will most likely increase the sales of local businesses. The anticipation of this has even already produced more job opportunities to bring in talent from out of town, but also bolstering the job market for those in the New River Valley.

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