A freshmen fiasco

BLACKSBURG, Va. — Sept. 6 — Freshmen Gathering The Virginia Tech freshmen class of 2023 forms VT. Photo: Virginia Tech

The disadvantages to over enrollment at Virginia Tech

By: Taylor Kelso Sept. 15, 2019

The school year has began at Virginia Tech, but this year there are more students on campus than the university expected. The freshman class of 2023 is comprised of 7,000 students. This is nearly a thousand more students than last years freshmen class. The university said this is not what they anticipated, but the hope to make it work.

In attempts to make the school accommodating, Virginia Tech has converted two hotels into dorm rooms. This includes the Holiday Inn Express and the Virginia Tech Inn. However, this is not the traditional freshman year experience. Students have to take a bus to campus, and can’t enjoy a quick walk to a dinning hall to get food. Since students have to take the bus from the hotel rooms, to the campus, buses are overcrowded. BT transit now has to skip stops to make it on time to its next destination.

Virginia Tech did try to stop the haul of students after realizing it admitted too many. It offered students a few extra incentives to stay home and skip out on their first year of college. However, not many students took the deal. According to the Washington Post, the university offered scholarships students to take a gap year or attend a community college for their first year instead.

However, the initiatives that Virginia Tech took, didn’t help much. Now, students are faced with a crowded campus with busy dining halls, over crowded buses, and little to no space in campus dorms.

Not only does this effect freshmen and their first year experience but business as well. The hotels that now serve as dorms in Blacksburg, will not be taking in any guest. Now, those who wish to visit must book at the Marriott or find someplace outside the town. Employee’s are also not working the hotels.

Of course, parking is also a bigger deal than ever before. The university said it plans to make more space on the campus, but how much time will that actually take? Virginia Tech is growing faster than the university can keep up with.

As for now, Virginia Tech is sitting pretty full. Hopefully, the next batch of freshmen will not have to have triple dorm rooms, hotel dorms, little to no bus access, and a campus that is prepared for the amount.