SPORTS: Equal pay for women in sports

Photo by shawnzrossi on / CC BY

by Lizzy Street, Jessica Spiers, Charlotte Kuhn–

The United States Women’s Soccer team is suing the U.S. Soccer Federation because of the inequality of pay between them and their male counterparts on the U.S. Men’s team.

The women’s team (WNT) has a larger following, greater viewership and has won more titles than the men’s, yet still, their salaries are just a fraction of the men’s. Women on the team make just 38 percent of what men make. The maximum salary female players make is just $72,000, not including bonuses, according to ESPN.

A complaint was filed against the U.S. Soccer Federation in 2016 regarding the need for equal pay in soccer. The complaint cited that the women’s team generated almost $20 million more in revenue than the men’s team. Despite this, male soccer players make nearly double per game, plus over $6,000 more per each bonus.

The Women’s National Team is using the hashtag #EqualPayforEqualPlay in support of their campaign.

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