VT’s minimum wage increase encourages student workers

Blacksburg, Va., April 4th – Many Options: Turner Place, one of Virginia Tech’s dining halls, offer many different restaurants to work at. Photo by: James Ahn

by James Ahn–

Workers on Virginia Tech’s campus will be expecting a minimum wage increase from $10.25 to $12 starting July.

According to The Roanoke Times article, the pay increase will impact 225 current employees and will cost the university $1.5 million.

Since May 2018, the starting minimum wage for Virginia Tech employees was $10.25 per hour.

This new change marks the third time the student wage has increased, with the first change happening in 2009 where the minimum wage was $7.25 an hour.

Tech’s decision for a wage increase also stems from its desire to give more compensation and benefit to current employees as well. With an addition to encourage more and more students to work.

“I’m actually really excited for that,” says Kira Lee, a Turners Employee. “Since the wage is increasing, I don’t feel as pressured to look for other jobs outside of dining services.”

The look for Virginia Tech’s future with dining services have looked very bright for students. Student worker at West End Market, Leilani Leung, has expressed positive notes about the decision.

“I think it gives students a greater opportunity to make money,” says Leung. “Also having a flexible schedule with working and studying, so hopefully that encourages more students to work and apply for Virginia Tech’s dining services.”

According to the dining services home webpage, an average full-time student works 15 hours per week. However, students can work less or more to best fit their needs and schedule.

“The pay bump is unlikely to be the last,” said Dwayne Pinkney, senior vice president of Operations and Administration according to The Roanoke Times.

With Tech’s wages increasing, Dining Services look to appeal to students to work and provide excellent service for their fellow students.

Blacksburg, Va., April 4th – Dining Service Employee: Kira Lee, sophomore at Virginia Tech, works at Origami Grill at Lavery Hall. Photo by: James Ahn.
Blacksburg, Va., April 4th – Dining Service Employee: Leilani Leung, freshmen at Virginia Tech, works at West End Market at West End Hall. Photo by James Ahn.
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