Hub to ease campus traffic, transportation woes

Blacksburg, Va., March 1- The Multi-Modal Transit Facility: This is the general plan for the facility itself; it has to bus loops for buses to quickly drop off and pick up students. Photo credit: Sydney Ditmar


by Sydney Ditmar–

The Virginia Tech bus system is always improving, but as more students come to Tech, it has become more difficult to control the traffic on campus as well as the overwhelming amount of students that take the buses. The creation of the Multi-Modal Transit Facility is to aid in these issues on campus and to provide one centralized location for buses.

“It is just going to get easier to get around campus, for everyone,” said Chitti Raju, an Alternative Transportation Specialist for the Department of Alternative Transportation.

The MMTF will not only include the two bus loops, but also the creation of a new centralized building in front of the parking garage.

“The building will probably be mostly used for the people who are waiting for the Smart Way bus,” said Debbie Swetnam, the Regulatory Manager at Blacksburg Transit. She predicts that not only the Smart Way bus system will come to Blacksburg, but other bus systems as well would be able to converge at the Multi-Modal Transit Facility.

According to the Virginia Tech Facilities Department, the MMTF will also have meeting spaces and a bike share area as well for students and staff to use.

One of the biggest additions to this area is the amount of “green space” that will be available for students. Swetnam described the green space as an area for students to be able to sit and meet on campus. There will be many seating areas and grass space for students to take advantage of with this new facility. According to Virginia Tech Daily, the creation of this “green space” will also increase pedestrian safety with the creation of new walkways.

They hope to begin construction in 2020 so that students and staff can have access to this new and improved system.

Blacksburg, Va., March 1- Debbie Swetnam: Debbie is the Regulatory Manager at Blacksburg Transit. Photo credit: Sydney Ditmar
Blacksburg, Va., Feb. 28- Chitti Raju: Chitti is an Alternative Transportation Specialist for Alternative Transportation at Virginia Tech. Photo Credit: Sydney Ditmar
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