ARTS/CULTURE: Oscars recap

by Andrew Alix, John Battiston–

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 24th, The Grand Prize – The trophy that the winner of an Academy Awards receives. (Photo: LincolnBlues /


In this edition of the Arts & Culture Podcast, we discuss the 91st Academy Awards. We begin by covering which films and individuals took home the major awards, as well as who collected the most awards on the night. We then delve into the controversy surrounding some of the winners, mainly “Green Book” as the winner of best picture, and explore the deeper conversation that this has created about issues of race, diversity, and perspective in this country. Lastly, we discuss the popularity of the Academy Awards, which experienced an increase in ratings following an all-time low viewing audience in 2018, and what the Academy can do to increase public interest in a ceremony has been trending generally downward for the better part of the second decade of the twenty-first century.