SCI/TECH: Traveling Apps Pros, Cons

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by Sebastian Alvarez, Rebecca Poutasse, Tatjana Kondraschow–

In the past couple of years, we have seen an incredible influx of travel apps. Whether you’re traveling abroad or just going away for the weekend, there are so many ways to make your experience easier. There are apps to help you navigate cities, find the cheapest flights with the click of a button, and even talk with people who speak a different language.

According to Ad Week, 85 percent of travelers use mobile devices to book their travel activities. Specifically, 60 percent of travelers use navigation apps and 54 percent of travelers use apps to find restaurants. While these services make traveling less stressful, some people believe it takes away from the experience. Many people are attracted to traveling because it takes them outside of their comfort zone. Do these apps make it too simple to navigate a new place?

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