SCI/TECH: Gaming phenomenon


by James Ahn, Logan Ross, Noah Hairston —

Gaming is becoming a worldwide phenomenon all over the world, especially on college campuses. Some of these gamers are beginning to make careers out of this. Who would have thought sitting in front of the TV playing video games, such as Fortnite, could earn you 90,000 dollars a year?

Twitch, a live streaming video platform where viewers can tune in and watch streamers, has become very popular. This website attracts all aged viewers from 12 to 45.

Gamers are not just skilled in the video games that they play, they are also entertainers. These entertainers are now making a name for themselves while giving viewers something to watch and learn from.

The gaming industry has continued to grow over the years. It started with the traditional controller and screen, and now we are in a world where virtual realities exist.