SCI/TECH: Purpose of the Pipelines

by Justin Keane, Kassie Simmons, Madeline Thompson–

Pipeline Image

Photo by lorenkerns on / CC BY


There are two major pipelines that are currently under construction in and around Virginia, one of which cuts right through the mountainous region of the New River Valley. The Mountain Valley and Atlantic Coast Pipelines have gotten a lot of media attention recently as protesters try to halt their construction.

There have been several concerns from environmental groups about the way in which the natural gas is gathered that will flow through the pipelines, called fracking.  Fracking has been a controversial topic because of its use of a chemical cocktail that is put into the earth.

Despite the backlash, construction has continued for both pipelines, which each span hundreds of miles. When they are finished, the pipelines aim to bring natural gas to businesses and residents, in an effort to reduce energy costs.