LIFE/STYLE: Social media consequences


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by Matthew Atkins, Becky Sutton, Melissa Sommer–

Social media is more prevalent than it has ever been in our society, with nearly 2.62 billion people using some form of social media site in 2018. With that in mind, college students should be aware of what they are posting.

Some of the most popular Instagram accounts are aimed towards college-aged people, such as Barstool Sports or Old Row. Each of these accounts have millions of followers and specialize in user-submitted content, such as videos of fights or parties.

The trend of videos being reposted by large accounts could be troublesome for job seekers. Seventy percent of employers look at social media when considering a job candidate, and some content may not be favorable to a future manager. Once a video is posted online, it is difficult to remove it from the public eye. With smartphones in everyone’s hand and videos constantly being taken, today’s young adults should be extra cautious about what they post.