ARTS/CULTURE: Virtual vs. In-Person art experiences

by Claire Connor, Aly De Angelus, Jesse Dix–


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While society is becoming more and more reliant on technology, the arts are being affected by this change as well, with an increase of streaming services for performances and films, and the introduction of virtual museums.

Instead of having to travel the world to see famous paintings or performances, museums are offering virtual tours of their exhibits. Streaming services have also advanced, allowing people to watch musicals, ballets and plays without having to leave their homes.

With this advance in technology comes controversy over whether the quality and meaningfulness of the arts is lost when viewed virtually. Some are questioning whether viewing the Louvre has the same meaning if you’re in your pajamas at home. Others are in favor of it, as it allows an accessibility to the arts that would be lost to lower-income people who are unable to afford going to museums or performances.