SCI/TECH: Snapchat redesign

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by Ricky Lam, Jesse Dix, Kallie Carson–

Technology and social media are an ever-changing medium that influences society. Snapchat, one of the most popular messaging apps for the millennial generation, had a recent update that many users aren’t in favor of. The update presents a new user interface where there is a clear divide between the social and media aspects of the app.  Chat messages and stories with friends are now combined together while the discovery page is an entirely new section.

Many users have been vocal about the new changes where a large majority has expressed disapproval about the new changes. Snapchat developers are aware about the sudden backlash and explained that the new redesign is meant to provide an easier experience for newer users, particularly from the older generation. While many still want the app to revert back to the old interface, it’s clear that the developers want users to get used to the new layout.