Digital News Delivery: Fast news in a fast-paced world

by Kelly Porazzo, Rebecca Choate–

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In this day and age, consumers need their news and they need it fast. News organizations are engineering creative ways to keep their viewers engaged through platforms like email subscription news.

Consumers visit their favorite news source’s website, subscribe using their email address, and receive timely, relevant news briefs every morning. Platforms may link to full articles, photos, videos, and other forms of multimedia. The New York Times‘ Morning Briefings are sent at 6 a.m. Eastern every weekday.

Email subscriptions aren’t limited to hard news, either — ESPN and E! News have their own subscription platforms. ESPN’s ESPN Daily allows the user to sync game days to their personal calendar. Rather than summarizing the latest entertainment news in its briefings, E! News’ The Rundown links to videos, photos, and articles instead.

In this week’s vodcast, we compare these platforms and discuss whether or not email news is the best news.