ARTS/CULTURE: Barbecue in America

by Brady Hess, Terrell Edmunds, Katelyn Meade–


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Every region across the country seems to have a distinct staple when it comes to food. Barbecue, however, has not only became a staple in the South, but throughout the entire country. There are a variety of places throughout the country that immediately come to mind when you think of the best BBQ. The Carolinas, Texas, Memphis, TN and Kansas City are just a few places that resonate with barbecue lovers across the country.

The variety continues when it comes to sauces. Some people like sweet, some enjoy a spicy barbecue and some even enjoy a dry rub. Whether it is pulled pork, chicken, tacos or a brisket you can have a different taste with each bite.

Going to “barbecues” have also been a staple in American culture dating back to George Washington and the American Revolution. Barbecue doesn’t only get those taste buds watering but it brings family and friends together often to not only get their bellies full but enjoy each others fellowship.

Barbecue has evolved throughout the years in America and its popularity only looks to rise.