SCI/TECH: iPhone X redefines technology

by Harvey Creasy, Mary Desmond, Alexis Johnson–

Photo credit: MarkGregory007 via / CC BY-NC-SA


Every fall, Silicon Valley tech giant Apple, Inc., unveils new products. This fall, the iPhone X [read: iPhone 10] was released — in addition to several other products. While the other new phones and computers were more customary updates to old devices, the iPhone X is entirely new. A larger screen, a glass back, and for the first time ever, no home button.

Many customers were just getting used to Apple’s 2013 home button, which integrated a fingerprint scanner. This allowed the phone’s owner to unlock it without entering a pass code. Without a button to scan fingerprints, how will iPhone X owners unlock their phones securely and with ease? Now, they’ll use their face.

The newest iPhone uses an infrared camera sensor to detect the owner’s unique facial features. This change will take more getting used to by Apple users, but the company is confident people will adjust.

A new iPhone X starts at $999 and comes in two colors — white and space gray.


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