Digital News Delivery: We’ve got a Code Red!

Photo credit: Pixel Fantasy via / CC BY-NC-ND


by Mary Desmond, Freddy Mesmer–

There are many apps out there for your smartphone. Some are games, others are social media apps, but what many people are missing is an urgent news app.

The Code Red Alert app is a unique way of presenting the user with constant updates of emergency news going on around them. The user-friendly interface makes this an app accessible for all. The news updates range from flood alerts to missing people in your area.

When it comes to apps, users want an easy to use app. This Code Red Alert app is very easy to set up and follow after it is set up. The interface includes a list of alerts as well as an option to look on a map to see where certain alerts are relevant to your location.

This app is unique because it combines all kinds of alerts into one app. Users now do not have to rely on a weather app or other apps to give them separate alerts. Now, they can go to the Code Red Alert app and have all their urgent weather and news based needs there.  

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