Ways to study away for your next midterm

by Katelyn Meade–

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

For most college student, midterms have begun. This is the time to really put your knowledge to the test in your classes and see how much you’ve learned so far this semester. But some students, specifically freshman, often find themselves at a loss for how to study for these heft exams. Below you’ll find some study tips for your upcoming midterm:

Write and rewrite

For those people that learn by writing, sometimes the best thing you can do is go through your notes and just rewrite them by hand. Then do it again. And again. While it may be time consuming, for some people this really is the most effective way to learn new information. This article even suggests that you should handwrite all of your notes rather than typing them.

Color coding

This may seem silly, but color coding your notes can really help you remember the information. Try writing in a different color for every chapter, or writing all key terms in one color and all dates or formulas in a different color. You’ll be surprised how well you remember information based on what color it was in.


Again, this may seem silly, like you’re back in elementary school. But there’s a reason you remember your simple arithmetic, and it’s the flashcards. These cards train you to be able to pull information our of your brain quickly, and will really help on fill in the blank questions.  For more reasons why flashcards are so effective, see this article by Brain Scape.

Sometimes it can be hard to find what study techniques work for you, but these are some of the proven greats.

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