DIGITAL NEWS DELIVERY: An app by Hokies, for Hokies

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by Clare Rigney, Katt Carter–

For the incoming freshman who don’t yet know their way around campus, to faculty who want to keep up with current events; Hokie Mobile has you covered.

The app was developed with help from students through the school and is now run by Virginia Tech as the official app for the university. The Digital News Delivery aspect of this app is found in two tabs, on that highlights news on campus, linking directly to Virginia Tech’s official website. The news is sorted by department and also features student life stories and research news. The app includes information on events; showing events on any given day, their location and time, and employs an easier method for navigating Virginia Tech’s official page.

In addition, the app has several features including a link option for students to their HokieSpa accounts, for a hassle free way to check balances and courses on the go. The app includes a people search, which helps those who wish to contact their peers or professors.

The app has been around for several years, and is an asset for any student wanting to keep up to date with Hokie news.