Aerie gets real at VT

by Caroline Cleary


BLACKSBURG, Va., Feb. 27 – Trendy Trailer: Hokies gathered at the Aerie Real pop-up shop where they could purchase fun attire for spring break. Photo Credit: Caroline Cleary

Aerie is a sub-brand of the well known company American Eagle. Aerie recently began a campaign, Aerie Real, which employs models of all shapes and sizes. It also creates all of its content, such as ads and website media, Photoshop and airbrush free. Aerie Real aims to promote positive body image for young women as well as the fashion industry.

Starting in 2014, Aerie announced they would stop using supermodels all together and instead hire women of all races, body types and backgrounds. In a world full of stick-thin models, the lingerie company thought it would be smart to hire models that are more representative of their customer base. Aerie also launched a more interactive website by allowing the model to change based on the size of the article of clothing the customer is looking for. For example their bra section is modeled by women ranging from a 30A to a 40D.

This campaign has also created an economic boom for the company. According to the Huffington Post, “After launching #AerieReal, the retailer’s sales grew 20 percent in the 2015 fiscal year, [as well as] 32 percent in the first quarter of fiscal 2016”. The campaign has made a statement within the industry, impacted women around the country as well as increased sales, maybe Aerie is on to something.


BLACKSBURG, Va., Feb. 27 – Flower Power: Rory Halligan (left) and Nicole Gabe (right) pose in front of the flower wall, intended to increase social media coverage of the event.