Student entrepreneurs

Blacksburg, Va., Feb. 15-Career Center: Many students, especially upperclassman, come to the Career Center seeking advice on resume building, job seeking, and future employment opportunities. Photo: David Jones

by David Jones–

At colleges across the country, there seems to be a common trend among undergraduate students regarding their personal finances. While the stresses of student loans are not unheard of, young men and women seek financial opportunities at their respective colleges and institutions.

From odd jobs to strong budgeting practices, students try to find a way to treat themselves in other areas of their life. While that is the case, there are other students whose lifestyles outside of the classroom that financially benefits them and on their own terms.

In the world of entrepreneurship, money flows based on what you put into it. If you sell well, then you can make good money from time to time. Some people are fixed on their creativity, hard work, and passions to the extent that they’re willing to bet everything on what could possibly lead to a better life.

Many students today have adopted this mindset, and are exploring new ways to build their businesses and to seek better financial gains than they ever did while working for somebody. More than just for the money, a lot of them do it because it’s in an area that they know and love.

Aside from being a well-known DJ at Virginia Tech Marcus Finney aka DJ Finesse is a senior studying human development at Virginia Tech. He is also the main talent of a group he started back in 2016 known as Finesses Entertainment. While the group’s ultimate goal is to run the night-life scene someday, at the same time Marcus and his colleagues enjoy making money for what they love to do.

Finesse Entertainment is just one of many business ventures that were started by a group of college students. There’s also Savage Entertainment (based in Radford, VA), Randolph Photography, The Gold Coast Warriors (fitness group), and GloFleaux (beauty products and services). Each with a distinct characteristic, these young business leaders make it seem easy to do what they do.

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