SCI/TECH: Big data brings end to mass communication

Photo via / CC0

by Ashley Cimino, Haven Lewis, Dylan Holliday–

As opposed to the traditional method of sending mass campaign advertisements using TV ads, posters and letters to political party constituents, campaigners are using big data to secure big political wins. Big data companies like Cambridge Analytica are garnering increasing recognition, especially after their roles in both the Brexit and President Trump’s successful campaigns.

What is big data?
In this podcast we explore Motherboard’s article “The Data That Turned the World Upside Down” and Michal Kosinski’s original model for pyschometry. According to Kosinski, everything you do online creates infinite trails of data that can help analysts determine your personality.

Cambridge Analytica got a hold of Kosinski’s method and applied it to the Donald Trump campaign by creating unique political messages for each adult individual in the United States. Big data has changed the way companies market to potential customers and now it is changing the way politicians win over voters. What will pyschometrics and big data accomplish next?