SCI/TECH: Looping no more, the death of Vine


by Bailey Angle, Elisabeth Souther, Ivan Wang–

On Oct. 27, Twitter announced the discontinuation of its looping video app, Vine. The app will be shut down in the coming months, no longer taking six-second creative submissions that kept it afloat for three years.

The app’s decrease in popularity accompanied its stagnation in development. While Instagram and Snapchat constantly updated their video platforms, Vine remained similar to its original version that was released in 2013.

The migration of the stars it produced to Youtube and Instagram foreshadowed Vine’s imminent downfall. Vine’s refusal to pay the app’s biggest creators propelled the decrease in viewership and allowed the competing video outlets to rise.

The end of Vine marks a watershed moment in social media. The collapse of the once popular video app serves as a lesson to other platforms, as well as a warning.