Behind the party line

WASHINGTON – THE WHITE HOUSE: On Tuesday, November 8th, Americans will cast their vote to elect the next President of the United States. The new President will call 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue their home for the next four years. Photo credit: Guerric via / CC BY-NC-SA


by Ari-Ahna Everett and Jess Ku–

It is our right as Americans to decide who we want to lead our nation. As citizens, every aspect of our lives from education to health care to national security is affected by our right to elect. By voting on Nov. 8, you give yourself a voice and allow your opinion to be heard when it comes to how you think the government should operate. As a student you are impressionable and this is the time you start forming your own political opinions.

Recently, The News Feed took to the Squires Student Center at Virginia Tech and asked students whether or not they are registered to vote and which party they affiliate themselves with. Just because Hillary Clinton is running for the Democratic party and Donald Trump is running for the Republican party, does not mean that voters fall into one of the two categories.