SCI/TECH: Nintendo goes viral with new console concept

by Luis Collazo, Katelin Frosell, Mina Sharif–

Nintendo took the gaming community by storm when it recently unveiled the revolutionary Nintendo Switch.

The Switch’s new hybrid console concept allows the gamer to play a game at home and then pick up the console and take it anywhere; never missing a step in the game. The portable version of the device has two detachable “Joy-Cons,” or controllers, allowing for multiplayer gameplay on the go.

Also new to Nintendo is the presence of third-party support. In its trailer, the Nintendo Switch hints at collaboration with third-party game creators by teasing the console’s compatibility with Skyrim and NBA 2K, which are games that have been exclusive to Xbox and Play Station in the past.

The News Feed’s Katelin, Mina and Luis talk about their thoughts on the Nintendo Switch in this podcast.

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