Why are there fashion trends?


Blacksburg, Va., Sept. 25-Ugg Boots: These popular boots are a trend that make a comeback year after year. Photo: Maria Dobbs

by Maria Dobbs–

Fashion designers seem to see into the future when it comes to deciding what will be the newest fashion trends. They showcase over the top versions of the pieces that everyday people wear.

What might be a head to toe fur outfit might inspire consumers not to wear a whole fur outfit, but to incorporate fur into their own outfits.

According to popsugar.com there is a team of people who research possible trends. They look at where culture, politics, science and technology are headed when making their predictions.

WGSN is one of the companies that help leading brands forecast trends.On the website WGSN says they come up with trend and color forecasts two years ahead. They also analyze 1300 catwalk shows and do over 150 catwalk analysis reports.

Trends don’t only come from the top designers of the world. Now social media plays a huge role in what people decide to wear. Popular people on social media like Instagram famous people also set trends by posting pictures of their outfits online where they get thousands or more likes. Their outfits are seen by many and inspire people to wear the things they do.

“Fall trends we might see in Blacksburg and around the world are over the knee boots, oversized flannel and knit cardigans,” said Amanda Gordon the Fashion Merchandising and Design Society vice president. “Fashion trends in Blacksburg have a lot to do with social media and online because Blacksburg doesn’t have a lot of shopping options most students buy their clothes online.”

According to a POPSUGAR article magazines deliver most of the fashion trend news to consumers.

“Consumers not triple-checking their Twitter feeds after the Marc Jacobs runway live stream probably don’t get their first taste of the next big trends until their favorite magazines and websites write about them.”Sheila Aimette a member of WGSN said “They are not so much forecasting as they are showcasing what is current . . . what is happening now and what is shoppable now.”

Fashion trends come and go. Cynthia Nellis says there are phases on how long a trend lasts. First, the trend emerges and is seen for the first time. In the first stage it’s only celebrities and other trendsetters wearing these items. Then in phase two you’ll see the trend in magazines and newspapers, this is the time when everyone wants the piece. Lastly, in phase three the piece becomes widely available at low prices, this is the time knock offs are made. The average consumers will usually buy somewhere in between the last two phases.

Nellis says most trends last about one year and consumers will hold on to a trend even longer if it is that popular.

Trends change every year some even come back as an upgraded version. Whatever the reason is the trends of a period can tell a lot about the culture and time period they represent.