Interdisciplinary Studies: Pros, Cons

Photo credit: University of Central Arkansas via / CC BY-NC-ND

by Katelin Frosell, James Zogran-Werness–

Students and parents across Virginia Tech’s campus are mostly still in the dark about the Interdisciplinary Studies path to obtaining a degree.

This create-your-own major path lets the student be the architect of the winding road to his or her degree. The program allows for the creation of a more specialized checksheet so that the student can participate and specialize in several areas of study.

The Interdisciplinary Studies program (IDST) “encourages students to consider the aesthetic, ethical, political, scientific, and technical dimensions of human experience and culture and to recognize the commonality and diversity of human experience, beliefs, and practices. IDST emphasizes global and environmental interdependence and social responsibility as part of its effort to prepare students for a lifetime of cultural, social, environmental, and technological change,” according to its description in Virginia Tech’s undergraduate catalogue.

Did you know what IDST was before watching this vodcast? What do you think about Virginia Tech offering this to students?