Lacrosse takes on Lane

There is extra incentive to making the ACC Women’s Lacrosse Championships this year as the post-season tournament makes its way to Blacksburg. Players, coaches and fans will be in a new environment as the tournament will be held in Lane Stadium.


Blacksburg, Va., April 21: Stadium – Lacrosse will soon be in Lane Stadium for the ACC Championships. Photo: Morgan Conklin

For senior defender Kelsey Allen, her final collegiate lacrosse game will take place in Lane Stadium, on a field she only dreamed of playing on. “It’s something I heard of but never imagined it could actually happen,” said Allen.

One of the top conferences for women’s lacrosse, with four teams being in the top 10 nationally, according to, the ACC tournament is held at a different location every year, switching amongst all the ACC schools. Tech last hosted the tournament in 2009, but the game was played on Thompson Field, not in Lane.

Lane Stadium holds over 66,000 people and according to Kaitlin Reese, VT Marketing Assistant, fans will be able to sit wherever, except for the top of the East side as the bleachers are being renovated. This is compared to the Hokies home field, Thompson Field, which holds over 2,000 people.

“We’ve been excited about this for a while,” said Allen. “In the back of our minds we knew this would be coming up, but now it’s almost here.”

The Virginia Tech lacrosse team finished up their regular season on April 22 and then continued to practice and train for the tournament. Practices included training on grass rather than turf to get acquainted to the surface they will be playing on in the stadium.

When it comes to the tournament, every game matters, but more is on the line for these lacrosse teams. The more they win, the more games they get to play in Lane.

“Looking back at all the memories I really look forward to leaving it all in Lane,” said Allen.